unsolicited SMS raffle notification

  • 15 October 2020
  • 1 reply

Every one in a while I get a SMS txt informing me that I have won a raffle with the prize being either cash, account credit or devises. I figure they are fraudulent as I try not to enter raffles or contest on a regular basis. I do not respond and typically just delete. But, is there a way deter these messages or confirm the validity?

1 reply

You could block the number, but that would imply they used the same number every time. Unfortunately with being able to use 5-digit shortened numbers… no. Even moreso, if you know the right format, you could send out a mass text message to pretty much every number out there from an email account. Every cell phone number has an attached email address to it. If you wanted to send out a mass email, you could start at 211-1111 and go to 999-9999 of any given area code and spam the world with text messages.. Though I’m pretty sure t-mobile and all the other providers probably have back-end measure to mitigate that risk..