Website Glitches, Not Loading, Poor Design

  • 11 November 2020
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The website has crazy glitches, and I’m unable to pay my bill from any device. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can someone offer a fix?

When I log in, the website has web coding overlapping text on the page (“chevron_right”, “notification_narrow_drop_down”). 

It’s really an aesthetic thing, so that part doesn’t bother me too much. However, when I view my bill and go to pay it, it just keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning. This happens on my iPhone app, Safari, on my desktop PC, and my laptop. My boyfriend is a server/network environment engineer and built my computer, and I know he has a bunch of crazy fancy firewalls or whatever (I’m not a computer person, clearly lol), but he said it shouldn’t effect this webpage loading this way. And it definitely shouldn’t effect my phone, since I’ve tried accessing it without wifi. 

I’ve called Tmobile and they opened a ticket, and they assured me everything was fixed--but it isn’t. 

I don’t know what to do--I can't pay my damn bill without calling them, or paying as a “guest” (which is annoying, because I have to call to see how much I owe on my bill, since the page won't always load).

At this point, I might turn to reddit for answers, lol. Below is a pic of some of the glitches I see. 


3 replies


Wow, that’s -too glitchy.- Have you tried turning off WiFi to see if it rights itself (using some T-mobile data?) Or paying online from a handy Starbucks or so? Alternately or additionally, you could install (1^4) which is an app that does DNS through CloudFlare (free.)


I also might wonder about other VPN apps on my phone and running McAfee or another virus scanner (Kapersky something, say) to see if an interfering app can be given the boot (kicked out!)  Good luck.

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I find Edge is the best browser to use when accessing  I had no issues paying my bill last Thursday and reviewing the charges for that bill.


I’ve been dealing with this problem on their website for a few years now. You’re right, it’s a very poorly designed website, way too many glitches. I’m surprised a company like T-Mobile hasn’t made an update to it, because I share your frustration every single time I try and pay my bill.