what do i do now??

  • 10 August 2021
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So this is a lengthy story and I will try to keep it short and sweet. So i ordered a pair of Samsung Live ear buds on July 11th, down payment made the same day and shipment notification was sent to me on the 12th with an anticipated delivery date of July 14th, I tracked it on the 13th and I thought it was strange that it was stuck in NJ and I was supposed to receive the item the next day ( i am in central PA) so I called T-Mobile and they said don't worry it will be delivered when it said it would but we will also be monitoring this for you as well. So 14th came and went and on the 16th I again called T-Mobile and the gentlemen I spoke with 3 way called USPS and they said they were waiting for UPS to transfer them to them. He then said he would submit a request to have the insurance pay the buds off and he will reship me a pair overnight so I would have them the next day and he would call to follow up with me, next day came and nothing was delivered so again I called T-Mobile and this time I got a lady who said that I could go to my local store and have them call customer service and they would authorize them to give me a pair. I went and the guy at the store said ma'am, we cant just give you a pair...I was like i realize that but I am going by what the lady on the phone told me. So together we called customer service back again and I spoke with a different guy and I told him I wanted my refund because I ended up purchasing a pair from the store. This was the end of July and he said the refund was processed. Well its now Aug 9th and I still haven't gotten my money back yet. I called yesterday and I was told it was processed July 22 and I should call my bank, which I did, and they didn't have any notification of a in coming refund from T-Mobile. So the question is what the heck do I have to do to get my 100.00 refund back???? its been over a month of waiting and being lied to from multiple agents who claim they want to make my experience better and they haven't. Anyone else experience this before?




4 replies

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did you check to see if they ended up using it as a credit for you instead of a refund? also check your email spam just in case they emailed you and it auto pushed into there.


Definitely didn't use it as a credit,  they repeated to me that it was to be refunded to my bank and repeated my last 4 of my card.  I am tired of calling every week about this money, and having "experts" say how sorry they are and that they will make sure it's handled.  It's never handled.  

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Try contacting tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms they may be able to help you.


That's a good idea! I am going to try that