What does your vehicle say about you?

  • 20 October 2017
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Sometimes, like our clothes, music, job, etc...our vehicle represents a character trait or set of personality descriptors.

It might be the color or style, the type of fuel or lack thereof, an heirloom that remembers family passed, etc...

Sometimes its exactly the opposite.

Sometimes, like with dogs, we get vehicles that do not necessarily look like us but resemble ourselves in some manner.

What say you?

37 replies

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I suppose I should broaden "vehicle" to method of transportation. Bus, bicycle, motorcycle, train, feet, wheelchair, Segway, scooter, skateboard, rollerskates/blades, horse, etc....

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I have a 2010 F150. I got it used so I didn't really have a choice on the color but it has grown on me. When folks ask what color it is, I'll say Champagne if I want to sound fancy, or Beige if I am being lazy.

I have a custom licence plate that has a famous saying on it from a video game that I play. Everyone will know it is a custom plate but not everyone will know what it means. For the folks that do understand it, they will totally appreciate it.

I have a giant magnetic decal on the tailgate of the 2015 Alabama football championship. Roll Tide!

Since my favorite music genre is EDM, I have a sweet sound system installed in my truck so that I can really feel the wub wubs 😊

Forgot to mention that the windows are covered in dog nose smudges and the back seat is full of Corgi hair. Little Gnar is my riding buddy.

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I currently have a base model Mini Van. I previously had a 2011 Fully Stocked Dodge Durango with DVD/BLUE RAY DISC Player, 250GB HARD DRIVE to store my MP3 songs, and I could listen to songs on my satellite radio.... and rewind and play songs that i liked because the radio saved the song temporarily into memory.... i miss my Durango.... One day we will meet again 😜.

Back to Reality.... Although I'm a guy, my Minivan  says I'm either a soccer mom or some weirdo that like driving around in a large box style vehicle 😮. The minivan is very sufficient at stuffing a load of kids inside. The trick is... I fatasize about me still being in my Dodge Durango, so I only realize I am in a minivan when I'm walking away from my vehicle and I look back and see "a mini van" 😠 .

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Oh man.

I have never thought about this, lol.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeell. I have a Chevy Malibu, her name is Molly and she's silver. Just being honest, I don't drive a ton. I will get the random itch to just drive around, but if I could take public transit every other time I would be so in. Too bad Nashville has garbage public transit. Bleh.

I can change her oil and her brake pads though. 😀

I also have a Charge single speed bike which I now sort of regret choosing since my neighborhood is all hills and I always seem to want to ride my bike at night so I just look like a crazy person trying too hard to huff it up a hill at 11 at night. 😜 But I still like it.


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I am rockin' a Chevy Traverse, which is a total "mom mobile" in my opinion! I love it, though! It fits my two kids, the dog, the hubby, and a toooooon of luggage. We've also made a couple of lengthy trips across the U.S. in it.

I have to share this story with everyone.

While on a road trip to VA last year with the family, my husband and I decided it would be a good idea to get the in-car WiFi package so I could knock out a few things on the laptop and the kids could use their tablets. My children were 2 and 4 at the time and we happened to be driving through a rough coverage spot when WiFi dropped. The next thing I hear is my 2-year-old whining about not having WiFi. MY TWO-YEAR-OLD!!!! Talk about first world problems, lol!

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my 1 year old puts phones in the window when he gets his hands on them... because he sees daddy doing it. He doesn't know i'm doing it to have cellular service in the house 😉.

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(Maybe a cellspot booster, router or LTE box?)

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I'm a little bit of a lot of things.

My Z71 Off-Road is red and black, but toned down. No mudgrippers or Sky Jacks, just stock wheels with step bars and a drop in liner. No decals.  7 coats of wax.  (It looks like a VZW spokestruck.) Scarlet I call her. Says something like "looks good, but has blemishes, older but not many miles (148k).  Not Redneck, but could look that way pretty fast with free roam of an accessory store and a lot of cash.

The music coming from the cab says "German techno death metal with a hint of 80s electronics and early 2000s Goth mixed with a bit of Europe's finest EBM.

My Kawasaki Ninja 500 isn't as quiet as a ninja.  Neither am I. It is also red and black. Could be a VZW spokesNjnja if Verizon was as fast as a ninja. Natasha is kinda temperamental.

My bicycle is lazy and propped up against a wall on its rear tire. But looks good doing it. So there's that.

I have no kids but I guess if i had some I could bungie cord one to the back of the Ninja and I have tie down links in the truck bed so......yeah, no, they wouldn't blow off in the wind. Oh and the Ninja has saddlebags so I could carry a couple kittens and a small puppy. The truck seats 5, but its leather so kids would still have to ride in the wind. Animals are ok, provided they stay on a towel.

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I have a 2001 Subaru Legacy station wagon in "wintergreen" that I bought used about seven years ago. It *barely* fits two small children and the gear that two children require, but it gets the job done and still only has 120K miles, so I'm determined to drive it into the ground!

This vehicle says:

- I buy groceries.

- I have children.

- I am a cheapskate who is not interested in adding a car payment to my monthly obligations until it's unavoidable.

I also have a 1976 Motobecane Mobylette 50. She is burnt orange, beautiful, and badly in need of a decomp fix. I truly can not remember the last time I started her up, but sometimes I peek into the shed and vaguely remember what it was like to feel immortal. Related: we did a really good job of increasing our life insurance policies this year. Wooo, growing up.

This vehicle says:

- I have children and can't leave them motherless.

- I appreciate vintage things.

- I have a hard time letting go.

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Well, snn55, I own two Fords. A 2012 Ford Escape, and a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. The Escape is the colour blue that almost matches the blue of the New York Yankees, and the Five Hundred that is red that reminds me of the colour for the University of Louisville Cardinals.

The Five Hundred belonged to my late Mom. I have owned it a little over two years. It had 42K miles on it, and now has 65K. Before she passed my younger brother asked me to put a few miles on it as it hadn't been driven for several months. It rode like a charm, and still does! Even though it has a stock sound system it using an FM transmitter I played my S3 to play my mp3s. I was given a rosary that belonged to her, and that rosary stays in the car.

The Escape was bought about four years ago for carrying  larger items. It has the Ford/Microsoft SYNC so my S5 is hands-free. It's not AWD, but seems to handle the snow in this area in Central Illinois pretty good. It has about 139K, but I won't tell it that!

Having been a drummer for about 40 years music is a big part of my life. My Father got me listening to Billy Vauhgn, and my Mom to Hank Williams (Sr.). I love the instrumentals from the '50's to the early '70's, and rock and country from the same eras. BTW I must have played "Wipe Out", I know, several hundred times. A great suggestion, snn555!

I drive a 99 s-10 pick-up truck what does that tell you about me?

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That you don't own a truck that cost more than five years of my salary and that you like small trucks.

I drive 2016 2dr Jeep wrangler Rubicon covered in mud with a manual transmission.

I like to have fun but am a glutton for punishment?

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This sounds like a LOT of fun. I'm not quite sure I see where the punishment portion comes in, but maybe it's worth it?

Everyone think's i'm crazy for wanting it in a manual I prefer it because it allows me to hone my driving skill and control my vehicle better.

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Not to mention all the benefits of being able to push start your vehicle 😊

Indeed, and if in 4L I can even bypass the neutral safety switch and start in gear

I drive a 2014 Toyota Corolla... very boring, but quality-wise very good. It tells me that I don't like a lot of bad surprises.....lol. But seriously, my family is a Toyota-family, and I got sucked into continuing the tradition.....haha..

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Nothing like German engineering.  Monsoon Grey Audi S3 Quattro...love it! Although sometimes I wish i got the electric yellow!

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2014 Chevy Malibu.... Not to sporty but has a touch of class when needs to be.

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2016 Ford Fusion in metallic grey color. I thought it just looked sleek and not a sports car. Efficient and fast enough for me. Playing with the manual shift mode is fun though. I just wish I waited one more year to have Android Auto, but meh.

I think my vehicle says that I like my privacy (deep tint on the windows) and classy (black leather interior with all the options).

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Such an old board but I had to share!

My car says that I'm a terrible driver which is awful because it's not true! I have a 2013 Scion iQ, which is almost a Fortwo- a very small car, most folks think it's a smart car.  NO ONE SEES THIS THING WHEN BACKING OUT! All four corners of the vehicle have dings and dents from constantly being hit (usually when I'm not in the car, I was literally present for ONE of the impacts and it was someone backing out of a parking spot right into me!) I had no idea that having a tiny car would be such a headache but here we are, lol!

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Aaaah, I feel super naive saying this, but I had never considered this as a potential negative of getting a super efficient smaller vehicle.

What color is it? Maybe it's time for a wrap! haha

My personal vehicle is a Chevy equinox. My work vehicle is a semi truck. What do both of them say about me? They both say I love road trips