What was your first phone ever?

  • 10 February 2018
  • 35 replies

omg it was the Juke! And let me tell you all I was super proud of it. I got such a kick out if spinning it open while ans calls

35 replies

My first phone was a Galaxy S6. It was nice but battery was pretty small. I still have it today.

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I came from AT&T to T-Mobile (and brought the family) for the brand new HTC HD2! I even stood in line for it! 😎

I believe mine was the original Motorola Razr.  I came late to the cell phone party.

My wife and I got that one back in 97 0r 98. We got feed up with telamarkers calling all hours of the day and night. We got our cellphones and ditched the home phone. We had our phones for six months. Our provider with Cingular wireless we paid the bill one day in the store and the next day we had no service. The store had closed down and had ceased operations. At that time in las Vegas T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint didn't have much of a present.we ended up learning about virgin mobile or some other repaid phone service stayed with them for two years

Vintage-TIME-magazine-promotional-alarm-clock-telephone-land.jpg it was an alarm clock too.

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verizon flip idk exact phone

My first mobile was LG E4oo. But the sad news is that when we are leaving in Vancouver. We hire a company names Demolition Contractors Vancouver to demolish our house. My first ever cell phone broke during demolition 

I think my first phone was Nokia 105 this exact model https://productz.com/en/nokia-105/p/WG606.  I still remember how happy I was when my cousin gifted it to me. I've used it for a couple of years, and it was unbreakable :D

First portable phone, Motorola DynaTAC 8000. I still have it, the car adapter, the battery bag and like 10 spare batteries.