Whats everyone's plan for Halloween?

  • 26 October 2014
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This is aimed more toward grown-ups with no kids, cause obviously if you have kids we all know you'll be out trick-or-treating. So whats everyone's plans for the night? I myself like to sit out on the deck with a few cold ones, and then have a Halloween/scary movie marathon later in the evening (not really to much of an evening) 😈

7 replies

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I managed to convince my boss to let me work from home that day instead of my regular Thursday.

Friday traffic is already cray-cray in Atlanta, and Halloween traffic is INSANE, so I was dreading it (I can only imagine it'd be anywhere from bad to Snowmageddon for length of time to get home)

Means I'll be home when the kids start going through the neighborhood begging for candy.  So, I'm gonna be handing it out.  I gotta put the candy bags together.  (I give out good stuff... Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfinger, and Smarties)

There's not to many kids that come in my neighborhood, so I don't even bother going out and buying candy to hand out. You do give out the good stuff, Snickers, and Butterfinger please 😊 , hell, Ill take some skittles too...  I do carve a pumpkin though, but its for the seeds, love me some roasted pumpkin seeds.

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My first year, I got ZERO trick or treaters.  I chalked it up to the fact the house was previously owned by a church and apparently wasn't popular with the neighborhood.  People hadn't known a crazy person had moved in yet.

The past couple years it seems that I've gotten a LOT of kids.

And, I generally get the one doorbell ring after the light turns off.  I open the door and give them a nice lecture about the rules for Trick or Treat.

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In our neighborhood they bring in pickup truck loads of kids from the countryside. I'll probably sit on the front porch and pass out candy to the freeloaders. I've considered getting some brains from the butcher and giving them to anyone who shows up as a zombie. Princesses and cowboys get candy. Zombies get brains.

LMAO! Great idea! Maybe get some Head Cheese to pass out as well? That stuff is nasty!

I will be just lazing around

^ +1