Whats the official magenta?

  • 27 July 2019
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What's the official Tmo magenta color?

Like, the RGB values and color code?

A quick google search shows ea0a8e or R234 G10 B142, but i also see other posts claiming different values.

I wanna magenta my life!


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5 replies

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That is the most outstanding question I have heard in a very long time.

I honestly could not even begin to tell you what the official shade of magenta is because everything I have that has any magenta on it is a different shade.

Mugs cups bottles hats shirts backpacks bags pins pens journals lanyards keyrings... everything has magenta, but none of it is the same shade.

Maybe this?

HTML code:#EC0075
RGB code:R: 236 G: 0 B: 117
HSV:330.25° 100% 92.55%
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As mentioned, it does seem to vary, especially with Magenta gear.  Personally, I use: #ea0a8e

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Compare the banner to the bubble.

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Yeah.  There is definitely a difference between those.

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Close! The RGB is 226, 0, 116 and the Hex is E20074.