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Hey there! I am working on compiling a list of domains to be "whitelisted" so they don't get caught in our moderation filter.

If there are any domains you feel would be helpful added, let me know and I'll work to get them in there so posts don't get caught up in moderation so often! 😊


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In b4 every post here gets sent to moderation.

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I'd say all the T-Mobile domains and subdomains (those generally be all I post because we need to be giving people the direct source).

gsmarena is another I use for specs (sometimes they're a little clearer than T-Mobile's specs...  let this be a lesson when it comes to listing all the specs 😀)

Manufacturer domains should be whitelisted as well -- Apple (them moreso for links to their KBs), Samsung, LG, etc... although, the Googles is difficult because you wouldn't want to whitelist a Google Search, but you'd want to whitelist a link to the Play Store and probably Apps.

I think I may have actually created a post in here that doesn't require moderation 😀

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I think Tmonews also with what smply provided.

TmoNews - Unofficial T-Mobile Blog, News, Videos, Articles and more

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Hi  @tmo_lauren  Thanks for your efforts to remedy the moderation problem

Not being able to publish posts containing links in a timely manner has been very frustrating.

Will there be an option to submit domains in the future? Once a domain not on the white list clears moderation will it be added to the white list? I absolute believe YouTube demos are most valuable. I just don't know if all of YouTube can be white listed.


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This is my favorite source for Android OS update availability .


Actually I like all of   http://www.androidauthority.com

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Is this one already on a white list?

I just included it in a reply. It went right out. No moderation.

LG V10 Android Nougat Update Released | Ubergizmo


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File or Track My Claim | T-Mobile | Assurant Solutions


I was sent here from twitter support. Does this whitelisting also apply to domains that are used to send e-mails to <tmobilenumber@tmomail.net>?Our domain was recently blocked for some reason, and we need to get it whitelisted so we can continue sending messages.

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Hey @ffit37129

This thread was actually for white listing domains for the support community so that when users post certain common links in their threads that they would not be automatically blocked. For your specific issue, we are going to need to open up a support ticket with our engineering team but we will need to have access to your account to get this started. Unfortunately, here on the user community, the community manager team does not have customer account access but if you still have the Twitter conversation going with T-Force, you can let them know to check internal doc DOC-433442 for the steps to get the ball rolling on this for you.

Hello!  Can "pingdom.com" be whitelisted?  I am a sysadmin in an enterprise environment and one of the alert services we use is Pingdom to keep track of down status changes to certain servers/services.  As this is important to us off-hours, we get Pingdom SMS alerts going through to our personal devices, some of which use T-Mobile as a carrier.  However, we keep getting our Pingdom SMS alerts blocked because it is being interpreted as spam.

Let me know what additional information you may need from me in order to make this happen.  Thanks!