Wow that was just right below the belt...

So being someone that has a ... twisted sense of humor, I go on CL to see what types of ads were place... I have to say this one has to been... I just have no words it...

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Craigslist -- The septic tank of the internet (outside of World of Warcraft).

Wasn't that 4chan? /b/ros need love to you know... but yet the ad is so true

You haven't been in a Trade channel in World of Warcraft... It definitely rivals 4Chan's "other" section.

You make it sound so yummy

LOL Trust me.. You'll be reaching for the bottle of Mind Bleach within the first hour.

Sound like music to my ears...

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Horde general chat on some servers makes trade chat and 4chan look normal.

Wow I been missing out.

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Not really. I gave always turned off all chat because it is so horrible. Some of it is down right degrading.

I used to work sprint customer care. ..... any more questions

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I don't envy anyone doing CS.

Oh I miss working for Nextel.... memories under the moonlight. ..

+1 to geno and the need for mind bleach after spending some time on trade channel :/

I've also worked late night CS, that's proved to be...well. Interesting?

And working CS through the internet, that just brings in a new brand of interesting 😊

Alliance chat isn't any better... You can tell it's summertime just by watching it.

Yeah, the overnight hours seem to bring its own unique crowd to the internets. Thankfully I don't stay up that late much anymore, so my world is at least somewhat sane.. Of course, if you want to know what a lot of those people are thinking, predictive text on Google search can make an ordinary search go to Hades in a handbasket.

i work overnight.....

geno2733 wrote:

Alliance chat isn't any better... You can tell it's summertime just by watching it.