I will admit it, I am not normally a bandwagon hopper, but I joined TMobile FOR the SideKick. I knew it would not be that cool swivel screen, but I will also admit that I enjoyed the SK4G. Yes I know it had it's flaws. ESPECIALLY for the AVID users of the older SideKicks, but for just imagine being in the shoes of someone who had never had one before.


    I think TMobile should work with either Android, OR other services (JUST NOT WINDOWS- PLEASE PLEASE GOD NOT WINDOWS) To kick out another SideKick phone. (If they get it released by with the Windows Operating System. I will NOT buy it.)


    Anyhoo. I think SideKick should come back out, and touch back with the roots of the actual phone. As LONG as it has a QWERTY, I will be happy, But the Swivel would be a GREAT bonus. I know that was probably one of the best features with the phone.

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      • tmo_phillip


        Hey rawrr_rowan,


        I totally agree! I was never a big Sidekick user, but they did give T-Mobile something unique. I'm not sure we'll even see the return of the Sidekick, but stranger things have happened!

        • verta


          The LG Optimus F3Q is out. I am still researching it. No plans to buy one. But sometimes new qwerty phones do get released. Should be on JB. 5 MP camera. Mid grade specs unfortunately.  Check it at gsmarena or phonescoop.

            • je_25

              Re: WE NEED A NEW SIDEKICK!

              I miss the sidekick. However I would not get the F3Q. All that phone it is, is the F3 with a keyboard. The F3 has been out for a while so unless you a light user then its not a good phone.

            • I always loved the sidekick. The Sidekick was the only reason why I had T-mobile in the first place. It was like AT&T's iPhone back then... Had the SK 2, 3, Tony Hawk LX, & LX 09 & Still think they were better than the iPhone back then..

              But, I feel that they should use the WP8 os. Ive always hated android OS (one of the reasons I was never interested in the SK4G). Its laggy & not as smooth as the iPhones(I've had a bunch of android phones including Note2, S4 & Note3 & still dislike the OS... Phones were awesome LOVED THE NOTE 3... just wasn't for me).. WP on the other hand is as smooth, if not better, as the iPhone's IOS. (not talking about features)... I think T-Mobile needs to bring back the sidekick & having the windows os will also help out WP since its a little behind in the smartphone world.

              Bring back that swivel screen & I would gladly drop my iPhone 5s in a heartbeat.

              • Why don't you like the Windows Phone. Granted, I liked Windows Mobile a bit better... especially the stylus support. But WinPhone does everything and more than either of the other... Apple, to me, is an over priced toy, and its focus and functionality is based on being a play-thing. Android is so segmented and splintered and the brazen, unabashed wholesale giving away your personal information by Google just puts them in the same category as the NSA in my book. Windows Phone is the only platform that was built utilizing consumer input from day one of development (I was one of those giving input and saw some of my suggestions implemented) Microsoft has continual, on-going conversations and input from their consumers and implement what we need and want. I just had a Cam2Cam Lync chat with one of the Senior VPs last week. Also, from my perspective, WPhone is the only OS that was built to truly integrate with the professional and business person. Having Office and OneDrive integrated with the phone is an amazing help both at work and at school.

                • I agree, Back in the day I had a Sidekick and I loved it. I'd love to see a new one.

                  • I would love to see another sidekick.  I kinda like the f3q because of the keyboard.  I am a keyboard user and want to keep a keyboard.  the sidekick was great.  just make it faster and give waaaaay more storage.  Not really sure why 64gb is a hard concept on phones.  I wish i knew more about the process of making phones.  I would make one myself.  Bring back the sidekick but give it some steroids.  I like to ramble when i write.