Can I bring a Verizon iPhone 5s to TMobile?

         I have an iPhone 5S, and two of my other family members have a 5C and 5, we want to switch to TMobile for unlimited data, and we know that TMobile will let you bring in your own phones. On the other hand Verizon is a CDMA and Tmobile is a GSM, but according to another article on the forums here, all LTE smart phones from Verizon have GSM capabilities as said here, "All of Verizon Wireless' LTE phones have to be unlocked when sold in order to comply with the terms of their recent acquisition of some 700MHz spectrum." So what I want to know is, can we get Tmobile SIM cards for the 5S 5C and 5 and use them with Tmobile, and is Tmobile still paying ETFs?

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