LTE Band 12

    I'm new to the forum (although I've been with T-Mobile for years) so please excuse me if this topic has been beat to death. I am in the process of buying a new phone and because I live in a non-metro area where T-Mobile coverage is sketchy at best there were two things I wanted. (1) Wifi Calling - which is on all new Tmobile phones and band 12 LTE coverage. TMobile has been bragging about the new spectrum they have purchased in this band and because it's 700MHz it will really improve coverage strength. Since the info on the site seemed contradictory, I called technical service not once but twice with a simple question - which TMobile phones have band 12 radios. To my amazement, they don't seem to know and were only able to point out the ZTE Max (the site, by the way, doesn't show it as covering band 12). This is not a minor issue, in most cases this is not something that can be changed by software update but will require buying a new phone. Imagine all the people who have purchased iPhones 6 and 6+ that don't have these bands. They may not be aware of it now but if they're located in an area where TMobile has purchased this spectrum they'll find out when they can't use it. My particular question was on the Samsung Note 4 which ATT shows as having this band while TMobile says it doesn't. I tend to think it does but I'm not about ready to spend $750 when TMobile claims it doesn't have that band. Anyhow the obvious answer for me is to switch to a company that knows what phones support their bandwidth, but just for my general curiosity shouldn't Tmobile be able to tell its customers which phones they sell that support their spectrum and clearly set this out on their site? If anyone here does know which current phones sold on Tmobile definitely cover band 12 would you be kind enough to post it for the rest of us.

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