Manipulation by tmobile reps


    Okay, so I have been a tmobile customet for 10-plus years. Always loved tmobile until recently. So I signed up for the 10 gb family plan where the 4th line would be free. While signing up they said not to worry about adding all four lines because once I add the 4th it would be free so I just did two lines at the time. A couple months later I add the 3rd and 4th lines, but still saw a $20 charge for the 4th line so I  called in. Oh by the way as I added the fourth line I was reassured multiple times on the call that it would be 100% free. So I call about the charge and am told by two reps it should be free, one rep stays on the phone with me for 20 minutes trying to fix the account and then promises to call me back the next day to fix the issue since he couldn't at the time. A couple days go by and I call today and am told the promotion is no longer available to me. This type of poor customer service should not be tolerated.

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      • tidbits

        Re: Manipulation by tmobile reps

        Are you looking at the detailed bill? I noticed the quick bill review does not show discounts but the full detailed bill does. If you are on the same plan I am on you need to check the detailed bill.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Manipulation by tmobile reps

          Wow this wasn't the best reflection of our customer service rpbean86, but I do have a feeling I know what happened. I would double check the PDF as tidbits has mentioned, just to be sure.

          I'm very familiar with 2 promos we ran that ended a few months back. There was a certain time frame that you'd need to sign up for the 4th line in order for get that promo. Do you still see that promo currently available on our site? When did you original sign up with the first 2 lines?

            • rpbean86

              Re: Manipulation by tmobile reps

              Thanks for checking back with me. The twitter tmobile team conducted a review of my account and let me know prior tmobile reps misspoke. You are correct. Since I didn't sign up for the 4th linedition in time I do not qualify. When I signed up for the family plan, I was told there were no timerestrictions, but I guess it was an honest mistake by the rep.