Clarification: PRIV Software and Security Updates


    Hello - I am trying to decide whether I should purchase a Blackberry PRIV from T-Mobile, or unlocked from Blackberry directly. The decision pretty much hinges on the answer to this question:


    If I purchase a T-Mobile branded PRIV, will the software updates and security patches released by Blackberry have to be vetted and sent to the device by T-Mobile, or is Blackberry able to send them to the devices directly? Or in other words, in case the question was not clear, will the PRIV receive its updates in the same fashion that iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Google Nexus devices receive theirs, or will they have to go through the old school test, wait and maybe you'll get the update eventually process?



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      • smplyunprdctble

        If it has any T-Mobile software on it, it will have to go through the T-Mobile channels.

        Primarily, this is WiFi Calling (since things like MyAccount and that would be considered apps).


        Also, understand that just because you purchase a device from other outlets doesn't mean you'll be getting Software Updates faster.  The Nexus line has had certain updates delayed (search about the Nexus 6 with Marshmallow for folks with a T-Mobile SIM) because the Carrier requested it (in the case of the Nexus line, the suspicion is something related to Band 12 or something like that.  I don't recall).  You could always potentially install the Factory Image if provided by the manufacturer (in the case of the Nexus 6), but it could risk an incompatibility. 


        Manufacturers generally will honor the "can you hold your update from our users while we test this" request because they want to keep in nice with the Carriers so the Carriers will continue to sell their devices.