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    • Forget about the Z3 compact.  We should have the Z5 compact.  It's better then the Z3 and have 32GB storage.

      • The Z5 compact is available in Austria why not in the US? Sony Xperia Z5 Compact in schwarz - T-Mobile

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          137. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

          So, almost 2 years later and Sony just launched the Z5 compact here in the US, and sure enough, T-Mobile isn't carrying it -- so unless you don't need wifi calling, which is most of the reason I went with T-Mobile, no dice.  I really don't get T-Mobile -- petitions, requests, forum of customers all asking for a high end smaller phone, yet they drone onwards with like 20 different large sized phones and not a single compact premium one. Fine -- saves me money as I will not replace my Galaxy Light with some ham fisted TV screen that won't won't even fit in my pocket.  Keep your hands over your ears T-Mobile.

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            138. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

            Just look at release dates. US for Sony is either later or never at all. Sony even removed their NA sales page and delegated it to a 3rd party retailer. Wouldn't surprise me if Sony started pulling out for good.  T-mobile might not want to invest the amount Sony wants since the sales of previous Z wasn't all that good.

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              Well, sales of the Z might not have been good for a variety of reasons. Sales of the Z3 probably weren't good because 1) they talked it down in the stores (I know this from stepping into a store); 2) they removed it after a few weeks; and 3) it wasn't the compact version everyone is asking for. 


              Frankly I don't care that much if it's a Sony or something else -- just want one premium smaller phone. In terms of waterproof and camera, the Xperia Z3-Z5 look best, but if there are other good options out there, great -- just bring at least one to T-Mobile.  Or they could just just keep carrying more of the same Androids (maybe Apple did bribe them to be the only smaller premium offering -- who knows).

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                140. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                Sorry you are talking to a guy who bought and imported every Xperia Z phone to the US. The shortest delay between Us release and International release was the Z5 and that is missing the fingerprint scanner. The longest to bring to market was the Z Ultra roughly 8 months. With a release cycle of 6 months. In 2 months the Z5 is obsolete with the Z6 or whatever they are going to call it comes out. That is ultimately hurting their sales in US.


                Sales drive what carriers pick up. Sales are nor good in the US and T-mobile carried some of their phones and sales were still not good. Verizon dropped the same of the Z4(Z3+) as soon as Sony announced the Z5. Carriers continue to contract with Apple not because of kickbacks. It's because they sell. They bring customers in. Sony entire lineup doesn't sell no where as near as the iPhone 6S sold in to first month of release.

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                  141. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                  Fair enough -- and thanks for the info. What compact sized phone could T-mobile bring us then in your opinion?  Perhaps they should consider bringing just the Xperia Z5 compact in order to have SOMETHING in this category? The sales bar wouldn't be the Galaxy 6 or something, but rather any one of a number of mid-sales range medium devices they carry.

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                    142. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                    The problem is how many units they will be forced to purchase to have it in their inventory. The Z3 and Z5 compact rough sales figures just over 5 million combine. Now if Song say makes a deal with T-Mobile and forces 5M in order to carry. Without major heavy advertising from T-Mobile and Sony I don't see them selling more than a million. Also honestly Sony also has poor support. Everyone here will blame the carriers here in the states but carriers here do more testing. It takes Song forever to fix bugs and even release major updates. If a carrier finds a bug that could deemed critical they reject it and send it back. Sony takes forever to fix things. For example my Z5 Premium and can be verified by a large portion of people since release day Wi-Fi hangs and at times drops data including mobile data. Quickest fix is to turn off and on Wi-Fi. Could take up to 20 minutes to correct itself from what I have seen on my device personally. Still hasn't been fixed and it's been 3 months. They already pushed one update (iirc is for the camera) to date and problems are still present.  Also look what Sony just did with the Z5. They took out features on the US release. That will make sales suffer by it's own right.


                    Right now the problem is not many manufacturers are making "compact" phones. The ones that do have very poor sales figures that it makes it hard for any carrier to carry them here in the states. I don't mind compacts. I buy small phones for my granddaughter and my daughter. Of course I don't mind importing them , and paying a importers fee to get them. Personally I do like phones 4.5-5.2 in size. I will go up to 5.5 but that's pushing it a little.

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                      143. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                      The only one making a premium compact phone seems to be Sony, and possibly for the reasons you cite as well as lack of follow-through and advertising, sales aren't good (plus not even having it available with wi-fi calling in the huge N. American market). So I wouldn't say that the market for premium compact phones has really been tested.

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                        144. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                        It has been tested. The price ratio. Answer this question are you willing to pay $50 less for a 1/2" smaller screen? Even at $100 with the Z3 and Z5 compact people opted for the higher model as most people couldn't justify the price difference for a smaller screen. People have the TV mentality. The Moto G, or Moto E has produced more profit than the Z3C and Z5C combine. The last 2 compacts have never met sales numbers and they even lowered the number for the Z5C.


                        Going to bring up the iPhone. Last I read the device that sold the most was the Plus both generations. 4.7 vs. 5.5. A vast majority of uses when they were smaller than 4" wanted something larger and sales figures shows a vast majority of people want the bigger size. Then you have the price mindset. Justifying the cost. It works in reverse in this case because iPhone in generally at least $100 more expensive to start compared to what people perceive cheaper the Android devices. They can't justify paying $100 more for a larger screen and or memory. That's why the Base sells well because the consumer wants the brand and can't justify the cost for anything higher.


                        Honestly I got the Z5P because my boss said he'd buy me a phone for Christmas. If he didn't I would be rocking the Z5.

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                          All good points, but I think my earlier logic still stands: If a new premium android device is the same size as the others in the U.S., it has like 9 competitors. So if 90% of people want big, divide that my 10.  For each 100 people, you sell 9 phones (other things being equal). If 10% are like me, however, and would indeed pay the same price (or heck, even more) for a more conveniently sized premium phone, 10% of 100 equals one 10 phones sold per 100 people.  That has yet to be realistically tested I think.  The Apple 5 series were premium compact phones and they sold a lot -- and I remember a lot of people complaining when the Apple 6 came out that there was no longer a smaller option like the i-5.

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                            146. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                            Actually sales for the 6 exceeded the 5S by a large margin.  The 6 + also outdid the 5S as well. Numbers don't like vast majority want bigger not smaller. If you looked before the 6 came out people were complaining for bigger versions for years prior to the 6 coming out. Apple actually argued against it. Apple started seeing their sales declining and went bigger and sale drastically improved.

                            Notice LG phones are getting bigger. They started off with a 4.6" phone top of the line and not running 5.5 inches with their current G4. Manufacturers have data and know what markets like what. The compact market isn't bringing in enough to justify manufacturers putting something in that market.  Majority of people are moving towards visualization and with that larger screens benefit people and want larger screens.


                            Me personally I like anything 4.5-5.5. Anything larger than that doesn't bother me too much as long as the bezels are astronomically big.


                            Seriously if people wanted smaller the manufacturers would be making smaller as that's what is selling.

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                              147. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                              I had this talk with my importer(I only get devices from him. He gives me a warranty) and he said in his words.


                              Z5C I carry very little of them. Out of the Z3C I would sell 1 out of every 45-50 of the Z3 sold. The Z5C is roughly about the same. The Z5P is a surprise. I sold more of those than I did out of the compacts combine I have sold since release

                              I purchased 1k Z5C and still have about 850 or so left. My best market for compacts is India and everywhere else it is cheaper for me to leave my inventory in India for the compacts and ship from there for those that want to compact. So far the Z5 is what is stopping me from taking a loss on the Z5C and I am on pace to break even on the Z5P on its own sales.


                              Oh I am a stickler for devices. My importer laughs at me when I ask him to get me some phones he never heard of. Often he says no on the fact he knows he probably wouldn't be able to sell enough to justify buying it even to keep me happy. Especially when often he has to buy 1k+ units at a time.

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                                148. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                                Ah, well if it is indeed true that we're talking about something like less than 4% of N. American consumers wanting smaller rather than 10% -- if that is indeed correct -- then I'll just stick to my Samsung Galaxy Light and stop hoping for something different from our mobile retailers. Or move to Europe. I had a similar problem when I bought a new car 2 years ago -- it's manual transmission or nothing for me. It was tough to find, but I got it (VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI -- although they had to drive it over from the nearest dealer that had a MT in stock, which was 800 miles away -- and then of course we got the emissions scandal this year....).

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                                  149. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

                                  You can just import it. It works on all carriers.


                                  VoLTE matters little to me. You can do voice and data anyway and I question how often people actually use it to where it is a must.

                                  WiFi calling I can see that but how big of a difference is 5" compared to 4.6" when the bezels of the 4.6" are rather large negating majority of the size difference in most cases. Out of the small devices I have seen the bezels are rather large and often the difference is a 1-3mm in size difference. A one inch or bigger difference I can see the hoopla


                                  I am a little guy. Not a little person, but consider close to it. Definitely got small hands and I tend to buy devices which feels better in hand more than the size. Some devices the ergonomics are spot on even being a larger device it feels great in hand.


                                  In a perfect world we could have everything we want but sadly everything is decided by figures.