Does T-Mobile slow down my speed even my plan is unlimited 4G LTE


    Hello everyone


    Last year July 2015 I start to use T-Mobile. My plan is simple choice $50/mo add unlimited 4G LTE $30/mo.

    At that time, my download speed is around 20~25 Mbps and my upload speed is around 30~35 Mbps. I can watch YouTube videos with 1080p. The video only take few seconds to buffer.


    But when November, my speed became slow. Download speed is around  1~15 Mbps(usually is 3 to 5 Mbps, only is morning or midnight I will get 10 to 15 Mbps), upload speed is around 20 mbps.


    I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and using social media. So every month my usage is about 100 GB ( that's why I add-on unlimited 4G LTE )


    I was wondering if the T-Mobile will slow down the speed even the user has unlimited plan.

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