Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Samsung Voice Recorder Will Not Update


    I just got the Marshmallow update this morning on my Galaxy S5. Ittold me to update my Google Play Services, which went well.


    Now I have the app Samsung Voice Recorder in my app list in Google Play. Itsays that it needs to be updated. I try to update it and it comes back with an error. It says something like this app is not compatible with this device.


    I cannot uninstall it. I also can't disable it. I can open it from Google Play though. So I guess it is compatible.


    So does anyone else have this problem? Have you been able to solve it?


    If I do a factory reset to try to solve this problem, will I go back to Kit Kat or Lollipop,  or will it just clean install Marshmallow?




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