I thought I'd start a #TBT thread after I came across my circa 2000 "smartphone" setup while cleaning out a closet. My "smartphone" was a Nokia 2190 connected to a Psion 5 PDA. It had provisions for text messaging and dial-up data at about 9600 bps. I could do limited e-mail and very limited web browsing. The Psion still works but it looks like the 2190 is goners. The 2190 was 1900 MHz only. When traveling abroad I'd also carry a matching Nokia 2110i and swap the SIM during the flight so I'd have GSM 900 on arrival.


    By 2005 I had replaced this with a quad-band Motorola V550 tethered via Bluetooth to a Palm PDA. Rather than dial-up data I was using GPRS, which provided about 40 kbps. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.