difference between phone and hot spot account usage reports


    I have two devices (accounts) associated with my userid. They are a) my smart phone, and b) a hotspot for my home ISP service.


    I have looked at the usage USAGE reports on both accounts. My phone account appears to be reporting monthly usage. However, the hot-spot account appears to be accumulating usage over a larger time period. It may be that I really don't understand what I am seeing.  Could someone explain what is on the each of the USAGE report summary (graphs)..


    If the hot-spot USAGE is an "accumulation" from month to month, is it possible to also have a monthly usage report similar to the smart phone account. I understand that corporate users may have a different point of view,


    Thanks for letting me ask this question.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        I'm assuming the "accumulation" report you're getting is on your hotspot device itself and not http://my.t-mobile.com ?


        There's probably settings on the hotspot somewhere that tells it what the billing period is and/or to reset the usage at a certain point.  That's what your phone does.

          • just_a_guy

            I have no way of knowing since the hot-spot has no screen or other options. You can only plug it in and turn it off and on. I don't know that powering it off and on is going to reset anything, since such action has not affect on you smart phone.


            Thanks for the suggestion.


            My next question will be how to access the hot-spot as an admin from your smart phone. I will do some investigating and see if I can find out. 



              • just_a_guy

                I did as suggested, I turned the device off and on. It reset the statistics within the device, but it did nothing

                for the My-T-mobile usage report. At the bottom of the USAGE report is has a label "End of Month Usage".

                To me this means that the report is produced monthly by T-Mobile from their data and the device has no input

                on the data being reported.


                I guess it is up to T-Mobile to make a change if they are so inclined.

                Well, at that say in Russia, "just live with it".



                  • smplyunprdctble

                    http://my.t-mobile.com reports are generated from T-Mobile.

                    They do not get input from the devices (think about it -- devices could be rooted and if they relied on the device to send the information and someone removed that piece, they could hypothetically get infinite data).


                    Devices themselves also have a tracker built in (generally).  These reports are generally accessible from the device somehow (with phones, it's in the settings generally -- I'm sure there's a "settings" page on a hotspot... I can get similar on my home ISP's router, I think).  These should "generally" match what the provider says you used.  There's rounding and sometimes things may not be caught (for whatever reason) on one side or the other (not sure why, but people have seen it.  I've noticed my phone's usage says I use more than T-Mobile does -- not much, but it's there)

              • just_a_guy

                I did find a "reset" (i.e. disconnect) button. This button (disconnect and connect) does reset the statistics

                being display on the first screen.  It does not have any impact on the report that I see under My-T- Mobile account, USAGE report. This is for the hot-spot. My USAGE report for my smart phone shows the usage per month. The usage report for the hot spot seems to add each months usage to the previous total.


                I guess I am lazy. I would like to see the same reports independent of the type of account.

                I can do the calculations, and there is a monthly summary value, that I could hand plot.

                But it seems that the two reports could just as easily present the same data in the same way.


                No big deal.