How to redeem the $200 rebate?


    I've been to a T-Mobile store near me and they said the only way I can get that rebate is to set up a payment plan. Showed them their website showing an e-check will be sent to me as long as I send a 4g phone in good working condition. And for some reason the payment plan is $833 with taxes and $861 to buy it in full. They sent me both options.


    So I've given up on this phone because I don't think it's worth that price but would be with that rebate and headphones. Does anyone have any info on this before the promo ends?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: How to redeem the $200 rebate?

        I double checked this for ya johnny234 and it I'm seeing it'll need to be purchased with EIP in order to redeem the $200 credit. As of right now, I don't see an end date so as long as this offer is still posted online, you'll be able to take advantage of it.

        • amstel78

          Re: How to redeem the $200 rebate?

          Can I just confirm that there's no expiry date on this offer?  I didn't have a phone to trade in when I ordered my V20 online back on the 18th of October.  I received the phone on the 20th.  I was looking around my desk the other day and found an old T-Mobile Galaxy S2 that I don't need anymore.  It still works.  Can I send that phone in a few days to claim the $200.00 trade-in credit?

          • 1grammaof4

            Re: How to redeem the $200 rebate?

            You may well be wasting your time, trying to get them to do what they promised.

            From where I sit, it's just another "bait-and-switch".

            They got me to switch over from Verizon with a con job about a $200 bill credit, and never delivered.

            I've called, sent e-mails, and tried to get a response from their web page, all to no avail.

            Once they tricked me into signing on the dotted line, they took my old phone, sold me a new (OVERPRICED) LG G5 on their "EIP" Equipment Installation Plan, and billed me every month for much more than the promised $80.

            After more than a dozen calls, e-mails, and snail-mail letters, all I get is the same old run around, and links to the broken web page at

            My phone number is not recognized, even though it is a working number in daily use on the T-Mobile network.

            someone identifying as "tmo_marissa" has responsed to my e-mails with completely unuseful info.