Replacing a Phone?


    So, I unintentionally destroyed my phone skating home. I was wondering if I could bring or buy another phone to replace the one that was destroyed?

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Replacing a Phone?

        If you have an EIP on the destroyed phone you obviously still have to finish the payments on that device.  With that being said on a GSM network the phone is really just a shell and the SIM card is really what identifies your device on the network so you can take the SIM out of the destroyed phone and (as long as the same size SIM) just insert in any device that supports T-Mobile's frequencies and should connect right up.  If you get another T-Mobile device then you will ensure it works on the network and secondly it will have/support all the extra features that T-Mobile has on their network.  If the new device has a different size SIM card then you can buy a new SIM or if a T-Mobile device most come with one and log onto your MyT-Mobile account and activate/assign the new SIM to your number.