LG V20 Backordered -- Tmobile claims they are out of stock


    Okay. So... These past few days have been very awful thanks to T-mobile, I would be lying if i say that I'm happy with the outcomes prior to the more-or-less given solution. But lets keep with the question i have:


    I redid the order for my LG V20 (or to be more specific, a supervisor from Tmobile redid the order while we were talking through the phone so that i wouldn't lose the promotion i already got on the defective device i returned during my 14 days period). According to the supervisor who did the order, the phone would be arriving sometime later this month (November). Which is the reason for what i did the reorder with him. But for what i see in the website, it says that the estimated shipping date would be from 12/13/2016 to 01/03/2016, that means it is nowhere near the estimated  time given by the supervisor. Then, i proceeded to chat with a lot of agents after i realized that. And they all told me that i should keep up with the date given in the website (I agreed to do the order again because the supervisor told me that it would arrive on this month, and no later.) Yet, all this agents says otherwise....


    My question is, What is going on?! The LG V20 was supposed to be out in every store of T-Mobile by October 28th, how come every single store and warehouse ran out of stock? I'm sorry but it just seems kind of stupid for such a huge carrier brand to just run out of stock if the phone is a high-performance device. The LG V20 meet up with every aspect required for an High-performance device, possibly even more than the iPhone 7, yet it is out of stock? I don't buy that. A date was given for an actual release (October 28th) yet, T-mobile cannot even keep up with the given date. Right now I'm phoneless because of you guys, because of all the troubles you caused me to do a simple replacement of a defective device. And now I'm pretty much at the end of the row of people expecting for the LG V20 and their orders to be processed and finally delivered into their homes. First you wanted to avoid my buyer's remorse rights (when i spoke with one of the many agents i spoke through the phone), then you guys lied to me by telling me that i should ship the device to an address given and that you guys would send me a new one (which if not by the supervisor, i would have sent the device away for nothing and i would have had to pay the 800+ dollars and never get the new replacement, and all my promotions gone), and now just running out of stock? get a grip of yourself T-mobile. You are supposed to be one of the biggest carriers on the United States, yet if this is how you handle things, then you are not even at the same  level of third party carriers such as lycamobile .or H2O.

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