Why tmobile is pro iphone?


    Just my observation i found out that t mobile endorse iPhone product like they owned it. And why t mobile limits the sale on android phone. Why does other carrier holds awesome android phones like verizon? Like example the galaxy s7 edge why does others have many different colors or verizon getting hold with google pixel.  I know t mobile is fastest rising network at this time. But why on earth sprint expand their phones not just focusing on IPhone.

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      • All carriers are pro money-making-phones.  Carriers make nothing on the devices, but use incentives to get customers to the network via device interest.  iPhone is huge, so is Samsung.  Verizon gets exclusive Droids, and they have their own huge detracting disadvantages.  All carriers who get the same device get exclusive colors, sometimes features.

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          They are not "pro" iPhone, T-Mobile was actually the first carrier to launch Android with the G1.  What's funny is a not to long ago folks were on here saying the same thing but in reverse that T-Mobile was "pro" and "pushing" Samsung.


          As for the S7 Edge what other carrier has other color's? All 3 US carriers only carry the 3 colors and the only other color Samsung even made was white but they didn't release a US version of that color and even internationally was not widely distributed.  Yes occasionally Verizon or AT&T have "paid" to have a manufacturer make a custom color and for that $$ make it exclusive to them but frankly the customer just ends up paying for it in the long run.


          Right now Samsung's name is mud with the Note 7 debacle so you probably won't see any carrier really "pushing" Samsung right now and also the iPhone 7 is new so you jump on that enthusiasm band wagon because right now all the fruit heads (Apple fans lol) are looking at upgrading so you want the product they are going to buy front and center.  When the S8 comes out you will see the same thing but with the Samsung drum being beat.


          The Google Pixel deal was essentially Verizon paid a lot of money to be the exclusive carrier in the US.  They are hoping to get customers that are so desperate to get the Pixel that they will overlook Verzion's prices and limited service not to mention that you can go to the Play Store and buy it and Google even offers financing themselves.  The Pixel from the Google store is fully compatible with all US networks and includes T-Mobile's Band 12. So essentially it is a gimmick which could blow up in Google's face, just look a the exclusive deal Amazon made with AT&T and the Fire Phone, they couldn't give them aways because for one it wasn't the best phone in the world but also because you had to sign up with AT&T to get it and AT&T has been one of T-Mobile's biggest customer donors the last couple of years.

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            One of the proof. Lg to v20 is almost out. But why iphone 7 are still the headers. Where's the advertisement for lg v20? C'mon its ok to admit and be real. I love t mobile network but they are not fair in terms of phones bla bla... next ill wait for tv commercials.

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              I cant even afford a apple I phone