Community Showcase: Phone Edition


    Hey folks! I'm back with another installment of the Community Showcase I figure this time we can take a trip down memory lane and share stories and or photos of your very first cell phone! As is customary, I will start off with my first love.


    I am not gonna lie, it was not only a pain to remember who made this phone but finding a picture of it was even harder! I think I got this phone when I was 12 or 13 and it was with QWEST Wireless. I'm pretty sure it was a pay by the minute phone which at the time was crazy and my parents were the one paying the bill. Needless to say, I didn't make many phone calls haha. It was more of a "look at me, I have a cell phone" status symbol haha. 


    Let's see what everyone's first phone was! When did you get it? What was your favorite thing about your first phone?

    Kyocera QCP-2027


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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Community Showcase: Phone Edition


        Ok, that wasn't MY first phone -- it was my grandmother's.  But, it's now mine.


        My first cell phone was a Sprint Nokia phone in 2000.  I think my plan was something silly like $30 for 300 minutes.  Nights and Weekends weren't even a thing then.  I was sad that Sprint stopped Nokias with that model because it was an awesome phone.  Something happened with it, and I wound up with a StarTac.  Then a couple blah phones and finally Sprint came back with a Nokia again.  I bought that one and finally got fed up with their coverage and went to a T-Mobile store asking about their plans.


        The promo they had back then, I think, was 600 minutes with nights and weekends.  Their special included a Nokia phone, but it had messed up buttons and I was like "that's just too ugly".  He said "Oh, we have cases you can swap out to give it normal buttons."  "You have my attention", I said. 


        My final inquiry was, "Can I pick the last four digits of my phone number?"  He said, "If you wait until next week, you can port your number."  "I don't like this number", was my response.  So, he went and looked if the last four I wanted were available.  He found it in one of the exchanges and I said "sign me up now."  I went home with this:



        (that photo was taken in July '14 -- I still have the phone.  I'm fairly certain it still works, but my SIM isn't the correct size and I'm wasn't certain where my SIM Adapter Kit was.  But, it booted and Snake still worked!)

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Community Showcase: Phone Edition

          When we moved back to the U.S. my senior year of high school, my parents got me some approximation of this bad boy to ease the transition (although it took a while for me to make friends to communicate with).  I have no clue what our plan was, but I remember that I could only send 50 text messages a month and that it was ten cents for every message over that, and I frequently owed my parents money. 



          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Community Showcase: Phone Edition

            Yes folks. Mine was the Nokia 3220! nokia3220.PNG


            I got this during my sophomore year in high school. This was one was great because it had the changeable cases and back cover inserts. You could even create your own designs for the back cover! (Yes, I was cheesy enough to sketch out a few back then. ) I thought I was so cool with my Nokia and my Smart Access account back in the day. This phone lasted a LONG time too. Don't judge me, but I still have it and I believe it still powers up!

            • My first:

              Green digital numbers.



              I then upgraded to this:

              Red digital numbers and speed-dial.




              Both were on Alltel.  (Back when that wasn't Verizon or AT&T.)

              • barcodeable

                Re: Community Showcase: Phone Edition


                THis was my very first cell phone. I took it with me everywhere (it was very portable) and it didn't have batteries. I didnt have a case for it because it was practically indestructible


                Im sure the Highly Promoted T-Mobile ONE Plan or any of the Simple Choice Plans are not equipped with features to communicate with imaginary people as my first cell phone did.