Prorate Final Bill?




    I'm having difficulty finding some information.
    If I change carriers and cancel my T-Mobile service, will T-Mobile prorate the final bill?


    If YES: Can someone link to the service agreement which specifies this?



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      • e2k

        Re: Prorate Final Bill?

        The final bill is not prorated. You are advised to cancel your service during the last week of your monthly cycle.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Prorate Final Bill?

          I'm bummed hearing you're considering leaving krismeister. I do hope we've done everything we can so you can stick with us. As mentioned above, this isn't prorated so we encourage that you wait until the end of your cycle before canceling.


          Final Bill


          If you do have any further questionsl, you'll want to Contact Us and speak with our Customer Care team. They can look at your account and go over any other specifics about the bill.

          • magenta3564142

            Re: Prorate Final Bill?

            please explain how a bill cannot be prorated.  if a billing cycle is from let's say 12-13 to 1-12 and services are stopped on 12-18, how can one be charged for services not rendered?  The link listed above does not state that a bill cannot be amended/prorated due to disconnection.  99% of all companies prorate their final bill for services not rendered, it's the law if i'm not mistaken? 


              Re: Prorate Final Bill?

              Naturally, Tmobile would pull this. I paid for a month on the 18th and canceled on the 24th. I was immediately locked out of my account.

              I guess I'll just be happy not to be with T-mobile any longer. I was with T-mobile since they were Deutch Telecom. The support, coverage, and data speeds have all suffered badly. Glad to be gone.

              • magenta4426602

                Re: Prorate Final Bill?



                There is a flaw in monthly billing cycle for any billing cycle that is not posted on first date of service date and not given prorated when you want to port-out/switch carrier.


                Ex.: The monthly plan service cycle start on 2/9/2018 to 3/8/2018, billing posted to my online account on on 3/13/2018 and I noticed of  ~$22.50 increased.


                Once noticed increase in monthlong bill and want to disconnect the service but it too late for prorate payment.