How to get a t-mobile IP outgoing mail unblocked


    Had a 2-hour nightmare getting switched around with no one having a clue.  Both my laptop via hotspot and cell phone have IP that is registered to T-mobile blocked in Spamhaus, McAfee  and lots of other spam listing sites.  Obviously not from me but lots of folks must use these shared IP's.


    I am a Metro PCS customer but using the T-mobile network roaming in Toronto Canada via Bell (and others). I have their Mexico/Canada package.  The IP that gets assigned per whatismyip is T-mobile.  Data, incoming e-mail and phones work fine with about 3 times the speed of my hotel's wi-fi.   I have my own STMP client so I see the server response directly otherwise would not know mail is being blocked.  One IP is on the laptop and similar on cellphone just different 3rd and 4th numbers but again listed in Spamhaus etc.


    The IP registration is:

    IP Address Country Region City United States Texas Dallas

    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude

    T-Mobile USA Inc. 2.783058166504 -96.806671142578


    I can solve by whenever I want to send e-mails by switching to hotel wi-fi whose IP isn't blocked.  I tried  rebooted both cell and laptop and reestablished hot spot thinking there would get me a roaming IP that would change.  Nope, still have the same blocked IPs. Would be nice to not have to switch just to send e-mail!


    I once had a cox IP locked this was in Phoenix and easy reached tech support who understood the problem, tried to trace who using the IP might have been sending spam, contacted who was blocking and gave me a new static IP to bypass it.


    This is a long description of my about 2+ hour dead end journey with tech support by phone.

    Since it's a T-mobile IP I call T-mobile tech support.  They don't really understand the issue but transfer me to another Tech support line, but after about a 30 minutes on hold listening to music, they are totally confused but its just customer support like teaching you how to set up an account etc.  They transfer me they say to Tech support for Metro PCS.  Another about 30 minutes to connect to a live person after hitting 0 for operator about a dozen time to get out of automation that asks if I want to set up an account, make a payment etc with no tech support option.  I again explain the whole situation that it is a T-mobile IP that is blocked.. its just customer support for Metro PCS that has no clue and tries to explain how I should set up my phone which has no relevance to the problem.  They give up and have no clue and again try and connect me to tech support instead of customer service (each time I am told they ARE connecting me to tech support but keep winding up with just customer support).


    Another long wait and get out of the "do you wish to make a payment select 1" que I get a gal who doesn't have an accent that is easy to understand.  Very friendly... kind of gets the real issue but has to check with her supervisor.  Then comes back and tells me the IP is assigned to the phone and need to reset up the entire account (totally wrong my phone has a different IP).  Then back to supervisor while I am on hold back and forth a few times with answers like since no I am not using something like Hotmail I need to contact my domain provider ... I explain I know that isn't the issue since the IP is owned by T-mobile not my domain host.  Then I have to explain that I have an e-mail client that is not web based.  Then she says there is no way they can change my IP.  I ask then who can or who can get it unblocked.  No clue.


    While on hold I also send a test e-mail using outlook but since it is using usual mail account and not my SMTP client it never tells me the problem. But I never get the test e-mail reaching me (use different e-mail addresses).  Again the problem is the T-mobile IP that is blocked.


    After giving up reaching anyone with any answer, I check directly with Spamhause where you can look up blocks etc.  Yes the IP from T-mobile is blocked but not only by PBL but scads of other spam serves including McAfee and zillions I've never heard of.


    Then I look up the IP the phone is using (vs laptop via hotspot).  Guess what?  That is also a blocked T-mobile IP with slightly different 3rd and 4th tier numbers -


    Again data, fast speeds, incoming e-mail and phones all work find, only outgoing e-mail is blocked since someone on the IP was spamming or sending a virus.  In one of the reports it says was used for some zero something virus.


    OK, I give up. I just have to switch to hotel wi-fi to send e-mail. I thought someone at T-mobile should know since anyone using these blocked IPs will not be able to send e-mail and probably not know it is blocked since the e-mail client shows it has been "sent".  It is only blocked at the SMTP level.  I have no idea how T-mobile IPs are assigned or how many the have.

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      • matesny

        Change your SIM card, it may put you in a different IP block.

        I wonder how the SMTP blacklisting works by blocking dynamically assigned IPs! Are these "super brains" stupid enough to not realize dynamically assigned IPs are dynamically assigned? C'mon, they gotta be smarter than the spammers to earn their living as spam blockers!!!

        In the meantime, I don't think Any provider is going to seek to clear up their SMTP blacklisted IPs. Probably too much of a hassle and expense at their own

          • daveinphoenix

            You actually remind me of a point I hadn't thought of... the SIM


            I doubt I can get a new SIM card for MetroPCS here in Toronto when it nor T-mobile I don't think even serve  Canada other than their roaming with the big Canadian cell services.... I have only in Toronto another week so can switch to hotel wi-fi (which I just did) to do emails.


            But .. if the IP is coming from the SIM card.... hmmmm... I should have the same blocked IP when I am home in Phoenix.   No one suggested that at the various tech supports.   In Phoenix, I rarely use my phone other than calls from the car, maps etc but all e-mail I do via a PC or laptop on home wi-fi  with a 150MB Cox business account with a static IP.  I may have never sent an e-mail via MetroPCS/T-mobile from home.  I will have to test that when I return.


            if the SIM is what is setting the IP which makes sense, that I can easily have replaced when I return to Phoenix.  I may call my MetroPCS place in Phoenix on Monday to confirm. Hopefully, their phone is reachable from Canada.  Some U.S. 800 numbers if that is all I can find are not reachable from Canada but will try and find a 602 local Phoenix number on Goggle.  

            I had never thought of the SIM, thanks.

              • daveinphoenix

                Well, doing some google research appears the SIM doesn't set the IP but may set a range which a new SIM might then solve.  Also over time depending on the timeout set, the IP may change.  I haven't tested if it is still the same as from yesterday as I am now back on the hotel wifi and e-mails send fine.   I will keep checking what my IP  when back on the cell hotspot in case it changes. When I return to Phoenix sees if I can  get a new SIM with a different IP range.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    This is really interesting daveinphoenix. I don't see any reports of this happening to folks that are roaming, but I think it's because your situation is a little more unique. I'd suggest running this by Metro PCS Tech Support. They should be able to file a Trouble Ticket for engineers to look at this further. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time getting in touch with them, but filing a ticket would be the best option.

              • daveinphoenix

                I am not back home in Arizona and not roaming. Will try again tech support but when I called from Canada after midnight they had no clue and said they couldn't change IP.  I stopped by local PCS place nice guy gave me card for their more tech guy.

                It was easy to solve switching to hotel wi-fi or my home wi-fi via cox and sending to same address no problem only when I try from T-mobile IP is e-mail blocked.


                Today tried to send from home, no roaming:

                A different IP is used and blocked: It is listed as registered to T-mobile.

                LISTEDProtected Sky172.56.17.43 was listed 
                LISTEDSpamhaus ZEN172.56.17.43 was listed

                SMTP server says" Junk Mail Rejected" with above IP.  The E-mail had one word in subject and message: "test".


                From Canada blocked was and besides Spanhaus it was even blocked by McAfee.


                Odd that I seem to be the only one known to have this problem!   Of course, I have never sent spam and rarely use cell to send e-mails.   Only see the blocks by hotspotting to laptop where I have an SMTP client that directly sees the response from server, otherwise I would have no way to know the messages were "lost in space" or the block since e-mail client shows as "sent"..   I send to other addresses I have and are never received of course since rejected due to the spam block on the T-mobile IP.

                  • smplyunprdctble

                    daveinphoenix wrote:


                    Odd that I seem to be the only one known to have this problem!

                    You're really not.


                    This has happened in the past.  I remember seeing the threads.  I can't recall the end solution, nor can I find the threads (it's always hard to figure out what keywords to search for, and sometimes things get archived).


                    I think this is primarily resolved by SMTP authentication for outgoing mail, which is probably why it's not as huge anymore?  *shrug*


                    The short is somehow one of the following needs to happen:

                    1. You may need SMTP Authentication on your outgoing mail server to prove you're trusted,
                    2. The Carrier needs to work with the spam blocking lists to get their IP removed (I can't even imagine what kind of effort this is),
                    3. The End User needs to get a new IP address for their device (I have no clue who would be able to even perform this type of reset).


                    The suggestion I'd give?  If SMTP Authentication doesn't solve the situtation, write the Carrier.  You're a MetroPCS customer, so you'd have to write MetroPCS's Dallas address.  Explain the situation and ask for a resolution.  If you can't get anything from them, you may try writing T-Mobile's Albuquerque address, but I don't know how far you'd get not being a T-Mobile customer.  There's a possibility it'd get routed though since it still is their network.  If you don't get any responses, you may need to do external escalation procedures, if it's that important / impactful.

                      • daveinphoenix

                        In case anyone finds this thread and has the same issue thought I'd update


                        I haven't traveled again using roaming or much e-mail from MetroPCS/Tmobile acct since use PC via Cox at home.

                        However, I may have found possible reason t-mobile network was rejecting IP - it may have been my IP, not TM which the error message from my SMTP server led me to believe.


                        I have an SPF record for my e-mail address and domain since I am a registered mass mailer on various services for a newsletter folks subscribe to. 


                        But when I'm using Metro PCS via TM, and note the problem was when I was in Canada, I assume my IP was showing as different. I had in my SPF record a -A at the end, which is a hard reject if listed IP's don't match.   This, of course, is good to avoid someone else using my email and spoofing it.   I have changed the SPF to a soft reject (Tilde symbol can't seem to type) before the A (ISP did it for me!).  This seems to kind of defeat the whole purpose of an SP record but at least IP won't be blocked if doesn't match when I am using the smartphone (Winphone old Nokia  large 1520 I love.)


                        I haven't been able to test it yet roaming in Canada, but e-mail does work from phone now on Metro PCS which I believe is also using the TM network in the U.S.


                        I only thought of the SPF problem when I changed routers and Whatismyip showed a new IP and had e-mails rejected from PC until I changed the SPF record to include new IP.