Why am I being held accountable for the phones I've returned?


    One of the worst business strategy by T-Mobile is that each retail store is their own entity or it seems that way. Here's why:


    I've returned two Note 7s in October and being charged for them. Why? Because I've returned them at one of their retail store. In their records it shows I've traded in two Note 7s for two S7 Edges. Yet, I am being charged for the Note 7s because they have no record of the tracking numbers of the phones. Why am I doing their employees work as a customer? Why should I keep track of the phone being returned once I return it at a store.


    This shows that I shouldn't trust the employees at the retail store because if they lost the phones, what would happen? I don't know, but from the way things are going I would probably have to pay for the phones if they lost it. I will see what happens when I find the time to go to the same retail store and deal with the hassle myself since there is lack of communication between local retail stores and HQ.


    Bottomline is that T-Mobile has shown me after multiple calls with them, I as the CUSTOMER is responsible with any returns. Any customers who are experiencing similar problems with the return of Note 7, I would like to know how T-Mobile has handled this issue. It's obvious almost no one is trained to handle this issue. No customer should go through this kind of problem. Don't participate on the recall if you're going to charge customers. If there were enough customers, it can easily become a class action suit.


    Oh on top of the two charges, I didn't even get the $100 credit per exchange.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        I agree that you shouldn't be held accountable sangwich. I know this whole recall fiasco isn't a great experience for anyone especially our customers. When the devices are returned it is up to us to complete the return process and make sure things go smoothly. It's completely understandable to have concerns about being charged for these devices but I wanted to let you know, it can take 2-3 billing cycles in order for this return process to be completed. So, depending on exactly when your cycle ends, it could still take a little longer to reflect the return. Keep in mind, when you returned the devices, there should be memos on your account from the retail rep that mentions the devices were accepted because of the recall so there should be a record of this. There is an escalation process that we follow in the off chance this isn't sorted out after the 3rd billing cycle. Here on the support forum, we don't have the account access to take a peek at the memos or complete the escalation process. In order to get that escalation started, you'd need to Contact Us and have a Care specialist review this further. My apologies if we made you feel like you're having to do the legwork but I'm sure we can have our Care team look over your account and help get this sorted out.

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          • sangwich

            Thank you for your response but I already knew about the wait of 2-3 billing cycles. I was very frustrated when I was told I have to pay for phones if I was worried about getting my service getting interrupted.


            This recall issue should be just between Samsung and T-Mobile. T-Mobile is at fault by bringing a customer into this issue by charging us what we returned. It shouldn't show up on the billing cycle at all. I have my receipts that shows I've returned the phones when I exchanged my devices. That should be on T-Mobile's database. That alone should be good enough from the customer.


            What frustrates me more is that I am a developer and I have an idea who should be at fault and how this should be resolved but I am not an employee of T-Mobile. I really blame who came up with the idea to "temporarily" charge the customer and the lack of ability for the system to log/show the actions done from the retail store. At the end of the day, it's probably politics for this kind of system to exist. If so, it's very disappointing.


            Anyway I really appreciate for trying to help me and I hope management can make changes for the better from this experience.