Returned my iPhone 6plus - now getting text messages saying I still need to return my Jump phone?


    My husband purchased a new iPhone 7 and when we received it we sent back his iPhone 6plus in the box as directed. We were not happy about having to ship it back via USPS and would much rather have taken it to the store. This was several weeks ago. We have now received a text message on his phone and an email saying that we need to return the phone on his Jump plan as it has not been received. When we tried to call 611 help tonight, it was like calling someone who was sitting in a echo chamber with 30 other people all talking on the phone. It was impossible to hear anything she was saying so we just hung up. We could not understand her at all. So much for 611.


    I have been a T-Mobile customer since 1989 - you would think this would mean something. But I guess customer loyalty means NOTHING in this day and age.


    I would like to know what I can do as I am still being charged for the iPhone 6 Plus even though I sent it back according to T-Mobile instructions in the box provided, with the label provided. The amount of comments on the internet of this happening is unreal and has been happening for quite a while. You would think that T-Mobile would change the way they handle trade-in phones since they know that this is an ongoing issue. I am so disappointed and really would like some actual CUSTOMER SERVICE.



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      • Did you keep all the tracking information?  What does that info say about the package's status?  How long ago did you ship back the trade-in?

        • kimlaukala

          Went to the physical store and they said it could take 24 hours to receive an email. 24 hours later still no email.    


          Called 611 as stated above couldn't here a thing. they sent back a text and a short survey on how satisfied I was with the call.


          This message board seems to be working well for getting an answer as well.



          • kimlaukala

            I Just received a text message saying they have received our phone at Assurant and credited our account now to see why they billed me for both phones in the past billing cycle.


            Suggestion : Make it easier for people to resolve problems.

                               : Have customer service people view and reply to these problems.

                               : GET RID OF ASSURANT

              • tmo_lauren

                Just wanted to check in to see if there were any other updates and make sure things were still trending okay!



                  • kimlaukala

                    Lauren - after going to the T-Mobile store in Ewa Beach, HI and speaking directly to the manager Jeff and the sales associate Ash, who were both amazingly helpful, they were able to flag our account so that we would no longer be billed for the old phone while waiting for it to be found on your side. They also physically called the return center to see if it had been received and started a physical search for the phone. Because of their efforts the phone was found within 3 days and my account was credited for the charge of returned phone and the charge for the error in billing of the new phone for the partial month for the new iPhone 7 that should not have been charged. Without them I would still be waiting for my phone to be located in the warehouse.


                    It is my feeling that the process needs to be changed so that the trade-in phones should have the option for dropping off at a local store. I was not comfortable with mailing it back, especially when the box was so obviously a T-Mobile phone box. I am happy that the issue is finally resolved but very saddened by the customer service that I received this time over all, with the exception of the local T-Mobil store in Eva Beach, HI. I hope that this is not the direction that customer service is headed as I have always had such good service over the years.

                • I can confirm that I received my iphone7+ via UPS and returned the iPhone 6s via USPS.  The receipt I was given at USPS (handed to clerk) had the T-Mobile RMA TMU tracking number on it, but NOT the USPS tracking number.  As of a couple days later, the USPS tracking number from the prepaid label still states "No info/ Not valid."

                    • bmorap61

                      im having the same problem right now. where you able to track your package and did they ever received it? I called Tmobile costumer service and they told me the label is for UPS but it clearly states on the shipping instructions to send it through USPS, so i send it through USPS so now im having the same problem.

                        • What happened was that the USPS clerk DID scan the T-Mobile RMA label instead of the USPS tracking label.  So, USPS was at fault there.  By the time I had faxed in to my local post office a copy of the shipping label and the USPS scanned that label copy (so that if it was scanned anywhere else along the way it would show up in tracking) York, PA had already received my return.  (Took about a week) That was half the battle.


                          The other half is:


                          Now I am waiting on the MasterCard reimbursement, but even though I got a confirmation email that the final bill was accepted, I cannot find the status of that reimbursement on the status site.  T-Mo reps also cannot find any info and go on for 15+ min asking me questions about my account trying to find it, when clearly I logged in or called in with my account info and that should be all that they need to answer an easy question. 


                          However, chat support is mostly outsourced and the language barrier is too steep for any amount of lengthened conversation, which inevitably leads to no resolution due to frustration.  Calling in is hit or miss with getting someone I can communicate with based on time of day and support congestion. 


                          Now, when the status is checked, I see a $25 Advantage Program rebate card, but when I click on it, I am taken to an employment verification page.  (That government employee discount has been a fiasco of an odyssey for over a year now.)  I am told that I do not get the Advantage card because I have a gov emp discount, but I'm not getting that discount regularly, so.......anyway I am told month after month that the credit will be there.  Some months it is, some not. 


                          Right now I have one 2 month old paid off phone which is defective and another one paid off from a year ago that doesn't get MMS and gets some SMS.  So, 1+ year with 2 paid off phones and lack of service and reimbursement.  (And I just added a line in Nov 2016.)