Bad signal in a 4G LTE area




    We live in an area that is marked as getting great 4G LTE coverage but inside and around our house we get none or one line most of the time. This causes dropped calls or people not hearing us, to the point where we consider switching to ATT (which we verified has excellent signal in the same place).

    Is there anything else we can do to improve the signal in the house (we would rather stay on T-Mobile if possible), for example signal boosters or personal cell spots?

    As an additional data point, if we walk about 200ft from our we start getting good LTE signal, it is only around the house that we have a bad spot.



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      • dragon1562

        Re: Bad signal in a 4G LTE area

        T-mobile will happily provide you with a cell booster so long as your a post paid customer. Just call 611 on your phone or go to your nearest t-mobile store and ask for one. The only thing you will have to do is put 25 bucks down. The 25 bucks you get back when you return the device and is simply held to insure its returned from what i was told although i'm sure if you go into a store they will wave that holding fee. Especially if you have good credit. Good luck.

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        • magenta2730976

          Re: Bad signal in a 4G LTE area

          Same situation.  Coverage map indicates that we should receive good 4G LTE.  iPhone 6s in field test mode shows -106dB both before and AFTER installing T mobile signal booster.  Readings taken/observed inside brick home with new double pane energy efficient windows.  Window unit displays up to 3 bars in best location (window open), coverage unit displays a 9 yet the phone shows no improvement in signal strength.  Could booster unit be bad?