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    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and was wondering how I can jump to an iPhone 6s or 7. It has a cracked screen and back. I have jump on demand. I have only $92 left on my current device, so do I just need to finish paying it off then I can jump? Or do I have to pay it off and pay a deductible  (I DON'T have handset protection for this phone btw.)

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Jump question

        Hi courtenayo.  It's a bummer that your phone's taken a spill or two, I'm sure you're ready for a new look.  With JUMP! On Demand, if you're not carrying insurance, you'll need to pay damage fees to turn the device in, which may be higher than a standard insurance deductible, or you'll need to purchase the device outright (remaining payments + purchase option price) and then start a new Equipment Installment Plan.  Your best bet to figure out what's most affordable for you is to stop by your local store - they can let you know what the damage fee is and help you weigh your options! 


        - Marissa