mobile hotspot drops every four minutes!


    every four minutes or so the mobile hotspot on the ZTE obsidian will drop connected users without warning, it will reconnect soon after but this makes skype calls unbearable, as well as making any download that takes longer than four minutes uncompletable, No other T mobile phone has had this problem before the ZTE

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      • fuzzypickles

        Update: it got worse later, at a point where it would disconnect for about three minutes at a time and then reconnect for about 30 seconds, unbearable.

          • tmo_lauren

            Re: mobile hotspot drops every four minutes!



            That makes a hotspot more or less good for nothing. Hmm. We need to determine if it's hardware or network.


            Have you tried the hotspot in multiple areas? If so, is the problem the same no matter the location?



            • tmo_chris

              Re: mobile hotspot drops every four minutes!

              Just wanted to check in with you to see if you were still having troubles with your hotspot. Let us know

                • hamedazimi

                  Re: mobile hotspot drops every four minutes!



                  This is happening to my phones as well. I have a Galaxy S10+ and a Galaxy S10e and both have T-Mobile sim cards.


                  When I use the hotspot of either of the phone, either to connect to another phone, or to a laptop or any other device, every 4 or 5 minutes it will disconnect and after 30 seconds to 1 minute it will automatically reconnect. That makes anything unreliable and it even caused a lot of problems for me about my bank accounts or PayPal and ... as they are sensitive about getting disconnected and reconnected over and over and multiple times I was locked in my accounts and I had to call them and explain what was happening to unlock my accounts.


                  It was totally fine until a few weeks ago, and since then, I didn't change the place where I live, work, or spend time. So, the location won't be a reason in my case. There seems to be something related to T-Mobile. (my phone, laptop, and other devices are also alway updated and their there is no hardware or software outdated on my devices)


                  I hope there is a fix for this as it is becoming somehow hard to stay with anymore. Even to open this thread and reply to the post, it took about 10 minutes for me as it was disconnecting while loading the page or loading the editor when I clicked on Reply!