Galaxy S7 Edge screen stress crack? Is the glass too rigid and the frame to flexible?


    I have a galaxy s7edge that has what apperes to be a stress fracture across the screen. The crack starts right about the bottom of the power button and it goes across to the bottom of the down volume key. I looked at it with the 10 power Loop and I could see that the side of the screen looks like it is broken from the inside out. Tiny fragments are pointed outwards away from the phone. Is a broken screen common with the Galaxy S7 Edge I seem to think that it is. I feel like it is defect where a piece of rigid screen or glass was used with a softer frame and any flexing of the frame could cause the glass to break. Does anyone else have a problem are know anything about this problem. And is Samsung going to recall it. Does anyone know of any independent test it has concluded defective pairing of a rigid screen in a flexible frame

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      • theartiszan

        Not a common complaint I have heard about on this device. Even in the power user forums. From the bend tests videos that have been done, the screen never cracked until it was extremely bent. Being this is not happening to a large number of users and it isn't a known problem I highly doubt there would be a recall for it. By default the manufacturer warranty and thus T-Mobile would consider this physical damage and not covered. I would suggest calling Samsung directly and see what they say and if they can offer repair options if it is known or maybe a discount on repair.

          • foolmeonce

            Thank you so much. On the Samsung site it looked to me like a lot of people

            are complaining about the same thing. But that was exactly what I was

            looking for so I didn't really take an unbiased look at it. And that's why

            I put it in the form of a question I didn't want anyone to think I was

            accusing. I read some forums that suggested Samsung Rushed to get the 7s

            out due to the 6s less than expected Revenue. They wanted to get phones on

            the market before iPhone came out with their i7. Quality control might have

            been overlooked obviously the Note 7 had its fair share of issues. It was

            easy to believe that they miss pared the strongest glass they said they

            ever used with a frame that's too flexible. I appreciate your answer

            appreciate how quick it was I don't know how my screen broke like it did

            there's no pixel problems a small microscopic  whole coming out of the side

            you can see where the glass came outwards when it broke. Please feel free

            to edit this down to thank you for your help you did a great job answer my

            questions I really appreciate it. I really wanted to know something about

            the quality testing and you gave me that information I'm very very

            satisfied with your answer thank you. Chances are when you're trying to

            find a problem you're going to find what you're looking for then that small

            population was all I needed I didn't look any further. Until I asked you.

            Once again I can't thank you enough. My screen has such a fine crack across

            it looks like a hair so I don't think I'm going to have repaired right now.

            I think Samsung in general makes good quality products it just seemed like

            I was charged way too much for the equipment I I have I mean T-Mobile price

            was right there with Samsung. If I choose to continue to do business with

            Samsung after this one. I guess this is going to have to be on a

            case-by-case basis.