2 LINES FOR $100. 3RD LINE FREE PROMO For current customers


    Hi all,


    I have ONE plan through last Black Friday deal and have 3 lines on my account paying $151 including Tax and Fees.


    There's a promo now, 2 LINES FOR $100. 3RD LINE FREE!


    Sounds cool. I THOUGHT I can change to this new plan and save about $50.


    But it doesn't work for those who already have 3 lines in the account. T-Mobil just doesn't allow you to have current 3rd line free.


    If you still switch to new ONE plan, you can save tax and fees and you will get one free line.

    Better than nothing right? But not the best. So to see if there's a way to get the deal, I have talked to 3 customer service staffs (because many times you get different answer from different staff and sometimes somebody can help).

    My question 1. What if I cancel my current 3rd line, change to the New plan, then add 3rd line back?

         Answer. Nope. Not gonna work. If you cancel a line after 2/27/2017, you are not eligible for this promo. Fair enough.

    My question 2. What if I close my account and open a new account? New start with T-Mobile.

          Answer. You cannot open an account under the same name in 120 days.

    My question 3. What if I close my account and open a new one with other's name.

          Answer. It will work but you will lose your numbers. Have to change the numbers.

    So only the 3rd option is likely doable option. Yeah such a hassle.

    Well, I feel like I am unappreciated as valued royal customer of T-Mobile.

    How many out there in the same boat?

    Can we complain together on this directly to T-Mobile and get the deal?

    Have a good day guys.

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      • magenta2892447

        The best option would have been to sign up under someone else's name, port out your current three lines into three Google voice accounts, then port them in to your new 3 lines.

          • bertie1966

            I am not a new customer so what is the best rate for 3 lines for $100.00 or less.

            I need a new cellular provider I am currently with METRO PCS and I have Unlimited Text, Phone, Tethering, Data, Hot Spot, 411, and Roaming.

            I see that you have a deal going on for 55+ 2 lines for $60.00 and that unlimited everything as I have right now?  Can I add a line for a extra $30.00 which would make it $90.00 a month.  There's also a deal that you guys have it is $40.00 a line and you have to take 4 lines in order to get it, and does a tablet count as 1 line?

            What I really want is a plan that offers Unlimited Data, Phone, Text, Hot Spot, Tethering, 411, Call Wainting, and 3-Way Calling, and I need to hook up service with a carrier like yourself by tomorrow night.

            Thank you for your time and have a good day.  My name is Bert, my number is XXXXXXXXXX


            *edited to remove personal information - Marissa