2 Lines and add 3rd line for FREE promo (Billing Question)


    I have a question to ask.  On 3/4/2017 I added a 3rd line to our new TM One.  I simply paid the $25 sim card fee and out the door.  The sales rep tells me that is it.  I asked if there are any additional fees?  She tells me there are none and I should billed $100 a month plus my added $5 for Unlimited Plus on each phone.  The next day, I happen to log into my account and I notice a $40 additional line fee for the new line.  I called TM and was told that a $40 credit will done every month.  I would like to know if other customers who got the free 3rd line are credited every month?


    Just doesn't sound right to me.

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      • barcodeable

        GEnerally the promotional credit should be applied every month... but the problem most people are having is that the credits are not being automatically applied. Hopefully the new promotions are applied more quickly then previous promotions.... but if you do get charged, you will just have to call up customer service to let them know the credit had not been applied... but i was told concerning the new free line promo, you should see the credits in your first bill.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there vegas68, congrats on snagging a line before that promo ended!  barcodeable is correct, the credits are applied automatically by the billing system, so when you review your plan on MyT-Mobile, it will still show the regular rate for the line.  Although I certainly hope you won't, if at any point you do have trouble with automated bill credits, please Contact Us so that we can get you squared away.  We don't want you to pay more than you should, ever.


          - Marissa