Safe to Turn Lookout Notifications Off?


    Just got a T-Mobile Galaxy S7.  The Lookout app looks like it's doing useful security scans, but it's creating incessant notifications.


    If I turn its notifications off, and it finds a security problem, will it still tell me about it?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey toolw0rker!  First - congrats for setting up Lookout, it can be super useful in a pinch and I think it gets overlooked often. 
        I didn't really know the answer to this - Lookout is third party software and our support details are limited, so I tried to find an answer for you by going directly to the source.  From the looks of this question on Lookout's support site - What happens when Lookout finds a threat? - it seems like even if the notifications were turned off, there's a place in the app itself where you can view actionable threats after the fact.  I couldn't find anything specifically calling out whether there are options for priority notifications - do you see anything like that in the app?


        - Marissa

          • toolw0rker

            I see notifications every time a new app is installed, and periodically when Lookout scans all apps.  It would be more annoying if I had auto app update turned on, but as is I update manually so get all the new app scan messages at once.


            Lookout support advises "You can disable these notifications — you will still see any alerts for malware or any unsafe apps, as those are not notifications but popups."