Samsung S7 Edge Nougat SMB/CIFS very slow


    My wife and I upgraded to Nougat on our S7 Edge and streaming from our NAS device using SMB/CIFS access is REALLY slow (2-300kBps).  When I try to transfer same file from same NAS server using FTP, it goes to 9MBps.


    All other network access (speed test/http/FTP/etc) are all normal speed, only SMB/CIFS access.  (I tried using ES file explorer as well as Total commander to the same issue)


    I was searching and found on XDA that users of Note 7 (First Samsung phone to get Nougat) also had that issue, but discussion died out without resolution due to the recall.


    Can someone/test confirm this issue?  Maybe bug report is in order with Samsung?


    Thank you.

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