LG Aristo WiFi calling and VoLTE problems


    I am having problems with my new LG Aristo.  Firstly, the WiFi calling is terrible.  The phone keeps switching to VoLTE even when it's not necessary, causing words to cut out when on a WiFi call.


    Second, when on VoLTE, there is a terrible, high-pitched whine in the speaker.  This whine can be heard even when no call is being made and the screen is off, but having a VoLTE call active definitely makes it worse.  Some kind of interference I guess.


    Is there any way to fix this?  As far as the WiFi thing, I have tried replacing the phone and SIM card, forwarding the ports on my router, resetting my phone, rebooting my router, all to no avail.

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      • tmo_chris

        I am not gonna lie, these are some super weird issues you are having here. The weirdest being the fact that you hear a whining noise on your phone when the screen is off and not on a call. Is this something that you only notice when the phone is on LTE? Can you try turning off VoLTE and seeing if it is still there?

        1. From any home screen, tap Phone.
        2. Tap Menu icon > Call settings.
        3. Slide the VoLTE switch to turn it on or off.


        As for Wi-Fi calling, when you are in the Wi-Fi calling settings, do you see an option to set it for Wi-Fi preferred?

          • astralfalcon94

            Turning off VoLTE makes it less, but you can still hear it.  With VoLTE on it's much more obvious.


            Yes, there is an option to set it for Wi-Fi preferred.  I have it set to cellular preferred due to the problems with Wi-Fi calling.

              • tmo_chris

                Let's try setting it to Wi-Fi preferred as this will keep the phone from trying to switch to cellular while on Wi-Fi. As for the noise, I am honestly not sure what is causing this. I don't think it is a software issue though but more of a hardware issue.


                When did you notice this whining noise?

                  • astralfalcon94

                    Setting it to Wi-Fi preferred is what causes the problem.  It loses Wi-Fi signal (even if I'm sitting right in front of the router) and stutters.  Sometimes it switches to the towers because of losing the signal, then it switches back to Wi-Fi when the signal improves.  Setting it to cellular preferred keeps it on the towers and keeps it from stuttering.


                    The whining noise is constant and has always been there.  My local store replaced my first Aristo as well as the SIM card and the new one does it as well.  It seems to be, therefore, a problem with the Aristo design rather than just a particular defective phone.

              • memn1

                Re: LG Aristo WiFi calling and VoLTE problems



                I bought 2 LG Aristo's last week.  When VoLTE was turned ON, and the other cellphone on a call ALSO had VoLTE turned ON, I couldn't hear the other party's voice from LG Aristo at all.


                Often the call would then be dropped after half a minute or so.


                I was at a T-Mobile store.  It seemed if we turned ON data roaming, or switch SIM slot (on the other phone), etc.  the problem briefly went away.  But the no audio problem on LG Aristo came back after making a few more calls.


                Occasionally, the audio issue went away for 2-3 calls.  And then the no-audio issue came back.

                ** I purposely turned OFF WiFi/WiFi calling in all these VoLTE calls, so to eliminate any potential effect from any WiFi calling issues.


                Once I turned OFF VoLTE, the no-audio problem went away COMPLETELY.

                This issue is very consistent for the past 5 days I've been using these 2 LG Aristo phones.



                I have the latest updates for Android 7 system, etc. (even today's Android 7 update).


                Talked to T-Mobile rep, they've been looking at it since last Friday.


                I wonder if we can get a poll to see how many folks w/ LG Aristo have VoLTE problems and how many don't have.


                For those who don't have VolLTE issues, did you get the Aristo recently?

                  • memn1

                    Re: LG Aristo WiFi calling and VoLTE problems

                    Any recent update/advice?  I wonder if I need to get a replacement or switch out LG Aristo.  I still have the no-audio issue using it when VoLTE is enabled.

                      • tmo_chris

                        Re: LG Aristo WiFi calling and VoLTE problems

                        Hey memn1,


                        The issue you are having seems to be more network related so I do not believe a replacement will solve your specific issue. I know you said you were working with tech support on this and it sounds like they opened up a service request for you. Have you been able to call our tech support since we first started looking into this to see if there have been any updates?

                          • memn1

                            Re: LG Aristo WiFi calling and VoLTE problems

                            Thx for asking.  This one-way audio issue plagued me for the whole last week.  At one point T-Mobile reps mentioned 'restarted the VoLTE server' but that didn't help.


                            Then today I called again, the rep seemed to be more knowledgeable, and he 'reset the connection' to my phoneAnd it worked!


                            Then he said there's a known issue when there's not strong enough signal to do VoLTE calls, LG Aristo would not switch over to non-VoLTE call automatically, hence the call audio issue.


                            He said we'd need to wait for the next LG OTA software update. 


                            Later on, I noticed that even when there was strong enough signal (LTE bar in the signal strength) and I made an VoLTE call the audio problem still occurred.


                            It seems kind of murky now whether it's the known LG Aristo doesn't switch to non-LTE call problem, or a different problem.


                            For sure, when the 'connection' to my phone was 'reset', VoLTE call one-way audio issue went away during that test.


                            This VoLTE feature seems to be not completely ironed out, or easily gets into trouble... .

                      • timcampbell

                        tmo_chris, Are you a T-Mobile employee? I ask because I was told this was just a customer to customer forum.

                        Anyway. I have a different issue with my Aristo not being able to repeat notifications in the stock messaging app when it used to do so flawlessly.

                        After tons of toubleshooting I have been able to determine the repeat notification feature does not work with VoLTE enabled and it works when VoLTE is disabled.

                        Curious your thoughts. I posted about my issue here LG Aristo repeat notification feature