Do you have Binge On unlimited data streaming?  Do you know how to find your total on-network data usage to avoid deprioritization during network congestion?


    Dial #932#

    to determine your phone's T-Mobile "total on-network data usage". That is the total amount of data used by your phone; which determines if you exceed the T-Mobile data de-prioritization threshold. That threshold is currently 30GB.


    For those of us who have plans which include both unlimited data and Binge On streaming, knowing the total "on-network data usage" is more important than just knowing the non streaming data amount used by the phone. It is the total on-network data that we need to keep track of in order to avoid deprioritization.  


    I hadn't used the #932# code in a long time. Recently I dialed the number and noticed that it said, "You have used 695.1MB of your data plan". Having unlimited data available, that part wasn't of much interest to me. The second half of the notification however, was very useful. I was also informed that "(You have used) 1.46GB of total on-network data at (date) xx/xx/xx (time) x:xxPM PDT". I can now easily monitor my total network data including my "invisible" Binge On data.


    Hope this might help others who don't want to be deprioritized.


    Any other tips to help avoid deprioritization?




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