No-cost upgrade to 256 kbps int'l roaming bait-and-switch


    I just switched to the T-Mobile ONE 2 for $100 plan for one specific reason: the no-cost upgrade from 128 kbps to 256 kbps for international data roaming. I completed this change on 4/8, and 10 minutes later I got in contact with customer service to enact the no-cost upgrade. According to customer service, this was a promotion that ended 4/7, and I'm now being told it costs $5 per month.

    This is entirely contrary to what is CURRENTLY listed in the ONE Plan terms and conditions that I was presented with upon the plan change. It's also contrary to what is listed (as of 4/8) in the international roaming section of the T-Mobile site (see, What can I do at this point? I feel like this was entirely bait-and-switch. I’m paying $20 more per month now, and I have exactly zero benefit under the ONE Plan.

    It's also still under the main LTE page. See the fine print: 4G LTE Network | 4G Network Built for Unlimited Coverage | T-Mobile

    Simple Global: Usage may be taxed in some countries. Calls from Simple Global countries over Wi-Fi are $.20/min. (no charge for Wi-Fi calls to US, Mexico and Canada). Activate no-cost upgrade for approx. 256 kbps speeds; standard speeds approx. 128 Kbps.

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