iPhone 6 won't connect to data, stuck on "Searching..."


    Two days ago, my iPhone 6 had died and since charging it, it won't connect to data.  It just shows the "Searching..." prompt in the top left corner where it should say "T-mobile".  The same thing happened last week and I just had to update my carrier settings to get it to work again.  This time, there is no update available for my carrier settings.  I went to Apple's support page and have done everything it says to do (turning the phone off and on, checking for updates, checking the SIM card, reseting network settings, turning on and off airplane mode and do not disturb, etc.), but nothing has fixed my problem.  I'm unsure as to whether it's an actual hardware problem or not because it happened after my phone died, but obviously I could be wrong.  Has anyone experienced a similar problem?  And if so, is there anything you were able to do to fix it without having to get their phone fixed/upgrade to a new phone?  Thank you!

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