Get a new phone with device protection Tmobile plan and after couple of hour I have batteries issues> What to do?


    My previous Iphone had the screen cracked and I used my device protection Tmobile plan to get a new one or at least one which should work perfectly. After only a couple of hours my phone just turn off because not enough battery when it was at 50%. I plugged it and the battery went back to 50%. Same the next day at 20% AND SAME the following day at 60%. I understood that Tmobile completely ripped me off with this devise protection which cost $10 a month and I had to pay another $175 for a phone which is not working. I would like to know now the process to get my old phone back AND my $175 back because this is unacceptable. Your service should has worked harder to find that this phone had still some battery issue. It looks like you don't really care about your customer and be sure I would take this in consideration when my plan will arrive at the end.

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