Confused about International data roaming: 4G/LTE or not?


    My past experience with T-mobile international data roaming has been: you have unlimited but slower speed (2G/3G).

    Now, T-mobile site has this message, which suggests the LTE data is included with T-mobile ONE. One T-mobile agent even said ]this is also true with Simple Choice North American plan.  However, other T-mobile links also mentioned 128kbps for global data. I am really confused - for T-mobile ONE and Simple Choice, does the plan provide free 4G/LTE data (if local carrier has 4G and phone supports it), or still only 2G/3G? Does anyone know for sure with actual experience?



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      • jz999

        Supertruck: Thanks for posting this question. I've been trying to get an answer to the same question for days. I've spent hours on the phone with reps who have no clue.  (see my post under "coverage").


        Does TM monitor this blog?

        • magenta1649587

          Supertuck, have you taken your trip yet and, if so, what was your experience with international data roaming?  I have TM One Plus, that's supposed to give you IDR at twice the speed of One, up to 256 kbps.

          Has anyone used this in EU and is it adequate for GPS nav, etc.?


            • miket

              Out of the 14 countries we have been in since the "free", intl. roaming took effect, 12 were eligible countries.  We have been on the original Simple Choice plan from the start.  (The new plan would cost us 30% more.)  90% of the time the speeds are pegged right at 110-112 Kbps.  Google Maps worked perfectly driving all around Romainia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Croatia, Montnegro, et al.   Even good for walking around Hong Kong.  The fact the signals were rock solid probably helped.  We used Google Maps to a limited extent in several EU countries (not much driving) - Suisse, Hungary, Austria, Italy.

                 Even can play some audio streams at times - never tried that much.