google maps link sent via text message does not open google maps ever since Nougat upgrade for my Galaxy S7


    Ever since upgrading to Android Nougat on my Samsung Galaxy S7, I tried sending myself directions from a computer directly to my phone through a text message but when I clicked on the link, it keeps taking me to the Google Play store and tells me to install Google Maps but I already have it installed. I can't figure out how to stop this. It's like my phone doesn't know what to do with google maps links. I've tried switching browsers but it makes no difference how I try opening the link. It never opens google maps up for me to help me navigate to the destination I tried text messaging myself. Google maps actually works just fine if I open it and manually type in addresses but if I get a link to an address via text message or even through Facebook messenger, it directs my phone to the Play Store and asks me to download google maps but its already installed. I don't even see an option to uninstall it. What should I do? This all seemed to happen when I upgrade to Android Nougat.

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