ZTE Zinger  recovery


    I need ZTE Zinger's recovery. Rom is corrupted when upgrading from OTA to B11

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: ZTE Zinger  recovery

        Hey there!


        There's not a specific recovery rom made available by the manufacturer for rollbacks. Do you have any warranty options still on the device?



          • elver2017

            Re: ZTE Zinger  recovery

            No, the guarantee has expired. Now I am in Ecuador. I already homologue the phone and it worked very well but when accepting the update B11 by OTA it became brick. But if the manufacturer does not have the rom I do not understand how they installed it to sell it, in addition if they do not give the rom, at least they should provide the key oem of the bootloader, but hey what it is that I no longer have to buy T- Mobile.