Why does it cost 3xs the amount to upgrade with a rep when website is "down"


    For over 24 hrs, I have been trying to upgrade a phone on my account but the website is down.  So after trying chat and then being on hold waiting for a CSR, I am told the amount down will be over $100 down and $26/mo.  I ask the rep why the website says 25.99 down and $26 per month and I am told that it is more expensive to do an eligible jump upgrade with a rep.  Now, I have been with Tmobile for 14 years!!!!!!!!!!! I have 4 phones, all are paid off and the line I wanted to upgrade for my daughter who turns 18 in a few days and graduates from high school next month, has jump on demand and that phone has been paid off as well for over 6 months.  I get the impression that Tmobile would prefer I switch to a new provider as every time I decide to remain loyal and purchase a new phone, I get treated like my business just doesn't matter. Oh, and the website might be up in another 24 hrs???? What about offering to honor the website prices since the site is down and I am a loyal customer?????????????????



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      • wtssuperpower

        Wow.....  that's not a good experience, for sure.   I know how frustrating it is when you are trying to get something done online, and then you end up having to call in anyway...   grrrrrr


        The only reason I can think of that an upgrade would be more expensive to process through a rep, than it would be online is in the case of a regular upgrade, where there is a new "upgrade support charge" of $20 that they've been leveraging the last few months. There are a few exceptions, cases where the upgrade support fee can be waived, but you've got to assert that.  That is, they are not going to waive the charge unless you specifically address it.  The website being down is a situation where a waiver would be applied.

        An increase in downpayment makes no sense whatsoever....    maybe someone else will chime in with more info.  But from where I stand, I'm inclined to think it must be agent error.    You might want to try calling in and speaking to a different agent, and failing that requesting to speak with a supervisor.  I'm interested to hear what the issue could be, if in fact you are being charged that much more for an agent assisted upgrade.

        Let us know!

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          • tidbits

            From what I remember there's a 3rd party that handles online sales. They have their own inventory and their own pricing. It was this weird thing that happened like 2 years ago abouut sale pricing.


            When T-mobile itself has a sale all outlets match. Online can have their own deals and stores can have their own deals outside of the T-Mobile umbrella.


            Not sure why the website is down for you however. I can do everything right now. What error message are you getting?

          • tmo_amanda

            Happy Saturday, nightangel00!


            Both tidbits and wtssuperpower are correct. In your case, the upgrade support charge should've been waived. Unfortunately, it's not automatic and does require requesting for the charge to be waived while on the phone with the representative. With regard to the pricing being different, different promotions may be available online than what is offered over the phone or in our stores. In order to take advantage of that promotion, you would need to order through that specific channel. Third-party retailers may also have different promotions which aren't matched by T-Mobile directly. Again, in your case, I'm not sure that price matching would have been available.