IOS10 IPHONE 6 CANADA NO DATA. So far nobody find the solution....


    The guy who will resolve my problem is a genius ! I have an iphone 6 (IOS10.3) that I bought in France.


    I have a t-mobile sim card simple choice I add Canada roaming. Usually I don't have any problem as soon as I arrived in Canada I just need to insert my sim card on my iphone.


    Since this month, I can make and received calls, I have coverage , I have the "3G" icon BUT NO DATA.


    When I try to navigate on google for ex I have the message : "You are not subscribed to a cellular data service"


    I talked to t-mobile 1000000 times. they confirm that my plan include data in Canada.


    I tried my sim card on android phone i change the APN and I HAVE INTERNET.


    So I tried to reset my settings, I tried all the manipulations with a reprentative nothing worked! The guy told me my sim card is not working!!!!!!!!!!!! but its working on another phone ??!


    AND THE BIG PROBLEM, i can't change manually the APN (which resolved for sure my problem). When i click on Settings/Cellular I DONT HAVE "CELLULAR NETWORK" !!!


    I have only Cellular DATA / LTE / DATA ROAMING that's it !


    When I insert my french sim card I HAVE THE CELLULAR NETWORK AND I CAN CHANGE THE APN ! but as soon as i insert my t-mobile sim card I DONT HAVE THE CELLULAR NETWORK APN anymore....


    If someone can help me please ! I am desperate





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