Video Calling over WiFi


    I noticed now that you can't do video calling over wifi like before and requires you have to a mobile connection.  Exactly when did this change happen and does it affect data buckets?

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      • miket

        Re: Video Calling over WiFi

        IF you go back a few days - you will see I brought this up.  Re: Can't get Video Calling to work as it should.

        It is taking from our 2G bucket.

        I did get it to work once from a Comcast internet connection.   (I think I had it set for wifi.)   I am going to do a thorough test in next few days.  Also will test an app called Google Duo.  Prelim test seems good.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Video Calling over WiFi

          So looking at our T-Mobile Video calling service it does say you can make video calls over LTE or Wi-Fi so you should not be getting an error message.


          @miket - Your issue is a bit different as you are able to initiate the video call but it drops so we would need you to contact your ISP so they can check the QOS of your internet. While it may be fast enough, the quality might not be there and the videos get interrupted.


          tidbits - Since you are just flat out being told you cannot make a video call over Wi-Fi, we need to look into this a bit deeper. I am going to send this issue up to our support teams to see if I can get this clarified and I will report back here.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Video Calling over WiFi

            Just heard back from our video calling guru. Good news is that this is not the expected behavior! Bad news is that it is going to be kind of tough to isolate the issue. Out of curiosity, have either of you been able to test this on different Wi-Fi networks?