LG Nexus 5 won't boot and T-Mobile not being helpful


    Been a customer 17 years. My Nexus 5 will not boot up anymore, I have done a factory reset 3 times and nothing.  I called because I have the warranty plan. Was told to got o my local T-Mobile store and they would work everything out.


    Local store has no loaner phones so they expect me to be without a phone. My wife has a medical condition and I have an app on my phone that alerts me of certain things.


    T-Mobile is dropping the ball on this one

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      • htghtg

        Hello magenta1319513 !


        I just want to clarify, your phone would not start up after you performed a factory reset 3 times? Or its not even showing the startup screen and remaining black?



        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, magenta1319513.  I totally hear your concern under these circumstances; your wife's medical condition is no small matter.  The loaner phone program is frankly specifically for these circumstances - customers who have no alternative working device or an excessive backorder wait for a replacement - so you would be a perfect candidate.  I do know that devices in the loaner program are limited, though, so there are some eligibility requirements, and not all locations may have loaners to offer (basically, we should never guarantee them - so if we made an availability promise when you called, we totally did drop the ball).  Had our store simply sent out all of its available loaner inventory, or was it not a store that participates?  Were we/you able to reach out to any nearby locations and check about loaner availability for you, or is this the only reasonable location option (I know in some areas that's the case)? 

          I know it's been a few days since your post, and my hope is that you've got a working replacement for your Nexus 5 by now - but I'd love to gather your feedback, if you don't mind filling in the gaps.  I'm sorry that we disappointed you here, and appreciate the time you've taken to let us know. 


          - Marissa