2017 Tax Time Switcher denied for one of the 2 lines


    On 2/27/2017 I ported two numbers to TMobile and signed up for One all in, which I have maintained continuously. I submitted the 2017 Tax time switcher rebate online on 2/28/2017.


    On 4/8, the rebate of $150 was denied for one of the lines with a very generic explanation "The 10-digit T-Mobile wireless number you submitted has already been used on a rebate. The terms and conditions of this offer specify a limit of one rebate offer per wireless number."


    This line was with ATT for over 8 years before switching over to TMobile in 2017. The line should have qualified for the rebate and there was no rebate already issued for this line/wireless number.


    What can be done to have TMobile check why it was denied?

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