No SIM error on iPad Mini


    Here is the short version of my story.

    I purchased an iPad Mini device in November 2016 from a T-Mobile store as a thank you gift for my brother as he put his life on hold to help provide 24 hour to my father who was living with Alzheimer's. When I bought the device, I also added a line of service. When I put the SIM card in, I immediately received a "No SIM" error. I went back to the retail store and was told that it can take a day for the service to activate. I decided that I would follow on this issue "later" as we were dealing with my father's declining health and following up on this error was not a priority.

    Fast forward to February 2017 and I had yet to receive service. I went into a T-Mobile store and the rep tried to switch out to a new SIM card. We still got the same error and he told me that it was likely that the SIM card reader was not working. I filed a warranty exchange and there were delay after delay and I never received a replacement device. I have followed up with customer care over a dozen times over the past few months.  After spending more than an hour with customer care today, I  was told that the reason that my iPad never worked is that it is registered on the AT&T network and T-Mobile has no record of either the IMEI or ever selling me an iPad Mini. The representative told me that there was nothing more than Care could do for me and I was then directed to go to the original T-Mobile store to obtain the receipt and then I would have to call Apple to see if they could find out why the iPad Mini was registered to the AT&T network. I went to the T-Mobile store and after about 30 minutes, they were able to provide me with the receipt from five months ago. They directed me to Apple as there was nothing that they could do as the device was never used on the T-Mobile network. I spent almost three hours with Apple today without resolution and I still have the "No SIM" error.

    After spending about 20 hours with Retail, Care, and Apple, there has been no resolution.  My question is who should I talk to respond this issue so that it is finally resolved?

    Thank you.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: No SIM error on iPad Mini

        First off, that's amazing to hear your brother was so helpful with your father. With this going on, the last thing we want you having trouble with is your service. It's a bit strange to have this much trouble for this long. This error is normally either the SIM or the device. Did this retail store you bought it from sell other carriers products? The warranty should still be good if you got it from an authorized T-Mobile dealer. If replacing the SIM fails, replacing the device would be the next step after resetting it. Please keep us posted on this. Thanks!

        • tmo_chris

          Re: No SIM error on iPad Mini

          Just checking in here to see how things are going. We are here for you.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: No SIM error on iPad Mini

            Hey, valerievdw. I know it's been some time since your initial post, but I wanted to touch base and see how you're doing. Please let us know if you still need assistance!


            - Marissa